You’d be forgiven for not knowing EPOS as well as other mainstream gaming headset manufacturers. That being said, you’ve probably heard of Sennheiser? We thought so. Sennheiser had an offshoot called Sennheiser Communications, and in 2020 this was renamed EPOS. So, EPOS produce “high-end” enterprise and gaming headsets and we’ve been sent the H6PRO closed gaming headset. It’s awesome, but carry on reading to find out why…

EPOS H6PRO: Specifications

Product page: HERE

EPOS H6PRO: Unboxing and Closer Look

The EPOS H6PRO comes in an attractive black box with a large picture of the headset itself, here we get a first look at the colour we were sent and it’s Racing Green. It’s also available in Sebring Black and Ghost White.

The back of the box shows an exploded version of the headset microphone which is removable, more on that shortly.

Opening it up, we see the H6PRO itself, which comes sitting in a pre-cut foam insert which is glued into the bottom of the box. A card box with the accessories is at the bottom with a silver-coloured text print “THE POWER OF AUDIO” and looks premium.

Opening that box, we have an assortment of manuals/warranty info and 2 blanking plates, one of which is used should you decide to remove the microphone, the second is a spare.

The plate has notches which fit into the groove on the headset and has a small magnet in the centre which holds the plate in position. On the forward-facing side, there is one edge with grips that when pushed make it possible to remove the plate. It’s a clever implementation.

The EPOS H6PRO comes complete with 2 cables. The top one is used to connect to a mobile/cell phone, console or PC/laptop that uses a single 3.5mm headphone/microphone combo jack. This cable is 140cm or 55.12 inches.
The second cable is used to connect the headset to a PC, laptop or soundcard that used separate headphone and microphone jacks. This cable is longer at 250cm or 98.43 inches.
Both cables are covered with a high-quality soft feel braid which looks and feels excellent. They also both terminate into a proprietary 4-pole 2.5mm jack which you may recognise if you have owned a Sennheiser gaming headset before.

Taking a closer look at the H6PRO itself from the front, we immediately notice the microphone protruding from the left side, as well as the Racing Green colour with Gold accenting, on the microphone, earcups and headband. The headset itself is constructed of plastic but has a premium quality feel and the finish is excellent.

Flipping it over, we can see more of the detailing, which includes a number of black plastic pieces on the inside of the headband, the arms, and the housing surround. In our opinion, it adds to the aesthetic beautifully.

The cable is inserted into the headset on the rear side of the left earcup.

The padded headband has a very soft faux leather feel which is very comfortable in the hand and, more importantly, on the head.

The headband has a large level of adjustability with 8 labelled notches of adjustment. Note the EPOS logo on the gold accent holding the headband in place.

The earpads are made from a velvet/suede-like material which sits around your ears and faux leather makes another appearance around the edges. Internally they are filled with a super soft foam that has plenty of padding. They are also easily removable which makes replacing them a breeze. They create a seal around the ears which work with the closed earcups to seal in the sound.

The headband arm attaches to another arm at the bottom of the headband, here we also find the EPOS logo on the bottom. This second arm is attached both horizontally and vertically offering a huge level of comfort adjustability. This second arm is spring-loaded where it attaches to the earcup which helps adjust to a more comfortable position.

The right earcup houses a volume adjustment wheel in the middle with a fairly large surface area. It turns the volume from 100% to (around) 5%, EPOS say this is deliberately done to stop users from muting the headset. You need to mute it using other controls. We agree with this decision.

The microphone is removable and held in place with a magnetic connection. It is elongated to have a better fit on the mouth with an improved voice pickup. It also automatically mutes itself when moved into the upright position with a satisfying click, just to let you know you’ve done it right.

EPOS H6PRO: Testing

The Box:

It’s obvious here that EPOS has aimed for a premium-looking box, the marketing material overall is clear and concise. Inside the headset sat in a foam insert which ensures it arrives in perfect condition after delivery. The accessory box is a good quality card and the silver word print looks excellent.

The Headset:

The H6PRO headset itself looks very nice out of the box and it’s clear to see some attention to detail has been given. The headset frame externally is plastic with metal bars internally for rigidity and head-size adjustment which merge into the cups through the additional arm which makes the H6PRO very comfortable to wear as well as giving it a nice premium look.

There’s no denying the earcups look plasticky but overall it’s very solid and we like the look and feel of them. The Racing Green, Gold and Black accents look excellent! Regardless, almost all headsets have a plastic construction anyway. The left ear cup has a magnetically removable microphone with a blanking plate (and spare) and the right has the volume adjustment wheel, though in practice I used it very little.

Under the hood, EPOS has implemented 42mm drivers, which is a typical size along with 50mm. That being said, we fully expected the smaller drivers to be a weakness. We were pleasantly surprised to be greeted with rich, clear, concise sound across the board and having Sennheiser DNA in its pedigree is certainly paying off.

Music performance:

We headed for the go-to mix genre playlist which gives a good mix of music frequencies. We’re happy to tell you the headset performs well with well-balanced sound delivering good highs and mids with punchy lows across the board. Overall, they sound fantastic!

Gaming performance:

Gaming performance was again well delivered. With no software getting in the way, you hear what is intended. Footsteps were clear, the odd thrown grenade was heard, explosions were deep and rich, and audio positioning was decent making it easy to pinpoint enemy locations. Overall, the H6 Pro sounded awesome!

Microphone performance:

The microphone was decent enough, delivering clear and concise voice in games and general day-to-day voice chat/meet applications. While it won’t be replacing a dedicated microphone, it’s plenty enough for any casual gamer.

EPOS H6PRO: The Verdict

The EPOS H6PRO gaming headset is certainly on the premium side. The comfort and audio quality on offer make it well worth the price, especially given its wired-only nature. The Sennheiser heritage is evident, in all the right places.

The headset is exceptionally comfortable, even over long gaming sessions, and the audio quality is superb too. Only having the closed version to test for this review, we can tell you that based on what EPOS had to say about them, they are great.

It’s perfect for gamers who like to be fully immersed in an audio soundstage isolated from the environment they are playing in.

The H6PRO has excellent passive isolation characteristics, thanks to the selection of materials in the headset and the overall headband, hinge and earcup design that ensures a tight acoustic seal around the ears. The clamping force is decent too, being very comfortable out of the box.

So, onto the price. Now, at £149.99 on AmazonUK at the time of the review, the H6PRO places itself around some stiff competition with wireless options from the likes of Logitech, Corsair & Razer but none of them prioritise audio quality and comfort like the EPOS H6PRO do. They’re unapologetically golden…

What’s hot:

  • Build, materials and comfort
  • The audio quality is excellent
  • Premium looking headset
  • Colour options

What’s not:

  • Proprietary cables, though replacements are readily available on EPOS’ website
  • Fairly pricey

Big thanks to EPOS for sending in the H6PRO closed in Racing Green for today’s review.

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epos-h6-pro-closed-gaming-headset-reviewThe EPOS H6PRO gaming headset is certainly on the premium side. The comfort and audio quality on offer make it well worth the price, especially given its wired-only nature. The Sennheiser heritage is evident, in all the right places.


  1. Thanks for this review, I’d been looking to replace my previous Astro A40 that I been using for 10 years and I think these are going to be a huge improvement also Id heard these H6 pro sound is way better over the pc38x so I’ll give them a try in a couple of days, thanks 🎧👏🏽

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