Dave here with another video. Genesis Gaming has provided me with their Radon 720 headset for today’s review. Hailing from Poland, Genesis Gaming provides a whole range of headsets, keyboards, mice, speakers, microphones, cases… the list goes on.

Genesis Radon 720 Headset: Specifications

Illumination colour Red
Diameter of driver 50 mm
Specialized Universal
Driver unit material Neodymium magnet
Platform PC
Colour Red, Black
Impedance 32 Ohm
Weight 380 g
Connectors USB Type-A
Wire braid Cloth cable
Cable length 200 cm
Communication Wired
Microphone sensitivity -42 dB
Microphone frequency response 20 – 16000 Hz
Microphone mount Built-in
Microphone Yes
Sound pressure level 102 dB
Headphones frequency response 20 – 20000 Hz
Illumination Yes
Volume control Earphone-integrated
Audio system Virtual 7.1
Headphones type On-ear
EAN 5901969408348
Catalogue number NSG-0999
Product page can be found here.

Genesis Radon 720 Headset: Video Review

Genesis Radon 720 Headset: The Verdict

The Box…

Let’s start with a look at the box. It’s obvious here that Genesis Gaming’s theme is black and red and the marketing material overall is clear and concise. Opening up the box we are greeted with a second brown box with the logo and Radon 720 printed on it. Inside we find the headset sat on a clamshell. Disappointing to see it’s plastic and not a moulded eggbox style paper insert. The final thing to note is the quick installation guide included.

The Headset…

The headset itself looks very nice out of the box and it’s clear to see some attention to detail has been given. The headset frame consists of two black metal bars which merge directly to the headset cups. Inside the frame is a self-adjusting pleather headband on thin metal wiring which is neat and works really, very well. The headband also has the Genesis logo stamped into it. This is attached to the frame in a minimal black plastic housing attached on each end with  4 silver screws, being the only thing silver on the headset I can only assume it’s an aesthetic choice.

Moving down to the housing and it’s an all-black affair and I’m pleased to say the large foam earcups are soft and do a great job on noise isolation. Now, my only complaint and I’d recommend this gets looked into in the next revision is the lack of swivel or rotation in the cup housing. I found when wearing the headset for en extensive amount of time that the pressure from the angle of it on my head it pushed below my ears more than normal and left me with a dull ache. Of course, your mileage may vary, but I found the fixed angle to be uncomfortable and as it stands I can’t recommend it for prolonged use.

There’s no denying the earcups look and feel plasticky but overall it’s very solid. Regardless, almost all headsets have a plastic construction anyway. The housing is covered on the outside with a metal mesh and plastic housing with the Genesis logo in the centre. This is all enhanced once the headset is connected to the PC and the internal red LED comes into the picture. The mesh I mentioned just now add vibrancy and the logo stands out clear as day. Now that we see the red accents I can move on to the cable. It’s 2m or 6.5ft long and has a very nice feeling black and red braid covering it and terminates with a USB type A connector.

On the rear of the left ear cup in a volume wheel. Taking a look at the front, you may have noticed a small bump. This is the discrete microphone housing, the microphone on the Radon 720 is sat inside this housing and I really quite like this implementation. How it performs we will see shortly but hint, it’s pretty good.

Under the hood, Genesis has implemented 50mm drivers which sound fantastic. This is due to the integrated Xear USB sound card Genesis have put inside the headset.

Music performance…

I grabbed my mix of genres playlist which gives me a mix of variety and music frequencies. I’m happy to tell you the headset performs well with well-balanced sound delivering good highs, mids and lows across the board. Better than expected!

Gaming performance…

Gaming performance is again well delivered as expected and the 7.1 virtual surround sound implementation worked very well too. Giving me excellent situation awareness in FPS titles such as Battlefield V and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the two you’ll typically find me on.

Genesis Radon 720 Headset: The Verdict

The Genesis Radon 720 is aimed at gamers wanting decent performance for a great price. The red and black theme is something to be aware of and while I’m personally not a fan I grew to like it the more I used it. Priced at pennies under £40 on Amazon UK at the time of this review, you get a headset that delivers brilliant sound and a unique microphone implementation that again sound excellent and is backed with a 24-month warranty. I just cannot recommend it because I didn’t find it comfortable below my ears and for me, it’s the Achilles heel that sends it crashing back down to earth. Had where the frame attaches to the housing had some swivel to make the earcups sit more flush to my ears the Genesis Radon 720 would have received our Gold award without a shadow of a doubt! Though again, I must stress comfort is subjective and you may not have any problem with it.

A big thanks to Genesis for providing the Radon 720 in for review and I look forward to seeing a second revision.

What’s hot:

  • Well built.
  • Speaker and sound card implementation sound fantastic!
  • Decent microphone.

What’s not:

  • NOT comfortable!
Build Quality
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genesis-radon-720-video-reviewI'll hold my hand up and admit I hadn't heard of Genesis before the review. After experiencing the Radon 720 I won't be forgetting it anytime soon! Read on to find out why I can't wait to see a second revision.

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