July 25, 2018 - Turtle Beach gaming shoot with Kovel Fuller in Dallas, Texas
July 25, 2018 - Turtle Beach gaming shoot with Kovel Fuller in Dallas, Texas

Everyone enjoys a good game, but not all games are worth your time. Therefore, we are here to assist you in making the optimal decision when purchasing a new game. Here are the games you should consider playing if you like games that cost less than £5.

Vampire Survivors – £3.19 on Steam

Vampire Survivor is a difficult game to classify. It is a bullet hell game in which you embody hell, as each run entails levelling up and equipping your character with additional weapons as thousands of enemies attack from all sides. The weapons fire automatically, so the majority of your interactions consist of dodging enemy crowds with the WASD keys while waiting for everything around you to die.

Each of these firearms is unique: Holy Water falls randomly around you, killing anyone unfortunate enough to be in its path. In the meantime, a whip clears a path around you in all directions. Each weapon will affect your gameplay differently. Garlic is an essential early-game item that deals heavy damage to anyone within a small circle around you. The fire wand, another essential item, spews lethal flame at the nearest foe.

The design is far from perfect, but it doesn’t matter. It’s so addictive that you can’t resist starting a new round of killing hordes of enemies and hoping you can fend off death just a minute or two longer than last time!

Stacklands – £3.99 on Steam

Stacklands is a village-building game in which players stack cards to collect food, construct buildings, and battle monsters.

For instance, dragging a “Villager” card onto a “Berry Bush” card will generate “Berry” cards that the villagers can eat to survive! You can also sell cards for coins that can be used to purchase Card Packs to expand your village. Each pack has a distinct focus, such as Cooking, Farming, or Construction. Ensure you have enough food to feed all your villagers at the end of each Moon, or they will perish from hunger!

Stacklands is an elaborate strategy card game that makes you forget that it is actually a card game!

Townscaper – £4.79 on Steam

Construct charming island communities with winding streets, small hamlets, towering cathedrals, canal networks, and sky cities on stilts. Build the city of your dreams one block at a time.

This game is not just a regular game, as there are no goals or missions. Instead, you just build and enjoy the beauty while imagining yourself residing in the highest tower.

Townscaper is an exploratory hobby project. A toy rather than a game. Select colours from the palette, place coloured blocks of houses on the irregular grid and watch Townscaper’s underlying algorithm transform the blocks into cute little houses, arches, staircases, and bridges, depending on their configuration. The game is perfect if you want a break from reality and just relax.

The Room Three – £4.99 on Steam

Since its release in 2012, The Room-series by Fireproof Games has been regarded as one of the best pure puzzle games to appear in recent years.

However, in The Room Three (2015), the series truly matured as a more well-rounded adventure game, with ongoing innovation in gameplay, increased exploration, deeper plots, and even character development.

The Room series is a must-play for players who love escape room types of games and can’t get enough of solving mysteries. Each game will keep you busy for hours and is well worth the penny. However, if you can only afford one of them for now, The Room Three is the best choice!

Gambling for £5

If neither of these games tickles your fancy, you can venture into real money gambling for £5. You can visit a website like this one that lists all the best 5 Pound deposit casino sites available and choose a guaranteed safe online casino.

In most online casinos, you can play games like blackjack, online slots, roulette and much more, with the possibility of a profit in the end. Some gambling games, like blackjack, involve a good amount of strategy you can implement to increase your chances, making it a good option for players seeking to learn and evolve in the game.

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