Tt eSPORTS Isurus Pro In-Ear Gaming Headset Review


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With considerable use, testing and a lengthy review now complete, we are now at the stage of questioning if the headset is good, bad or even worth the £27.99 price tag.

To start, what we have is a sub £30 compact gaming headset that offers a world first design and some cool additional extras for ease of use. Performance from such a small product was estimated to be very limited but once in use the headset really did stand well against other products of the same price range and even a little higher. The design is great for someone who uses their headset for multiple purposes, from music and Skype to gaming with everything in between. The build quality is solid and sturdy with no plastic creaks due to an almost full metal construction.

The only down side I can see to this item is the fit and microphone positioning is not for everyone. The microphone sits very close to the face and is non-adjustable/flexible. The fitting system works perfectly for those with the ears for it to fit whereas other people may struggle to fit in his/her ear; although they can be removed it would be a little disappointing to have part of a product you have paid for rendered useless. The sound quality does seem a little flat on rock and heavy metal songs but this is me being very picky and is not very noticeable.

As a whole, we loved reviewing this product and it is good to see such a well priced item available on the market that has been created with gamers in mind. The specification, comfort factor, performance and build quality is certainly great for such a low priced piece of tech. We look forward to the next ingenious product from Thermaltake to be released so we can grab it and see what awaits us!


  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



  • Great Build Quality
  • Good Performance All Around
  • Plug&Play Feature
  • Affordable
  • Cons:

  • Flat Sound On Some Audio Tracks
  • Non-Adjustable/Flexable Microphone
  • ‘Secure Fit System’ May Not Fit Everyone
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