Hatred - Was The Hate Worth it? 1


Now usually I would start this off by introducing the story nicely to get you a little interested in what’s going on with this game. Sadly with this game I can’t really do that, the simple fact is that this game has no story other than “kill everyone” which is basically GTA Online at the minute, except this is NPC’s you are killing rather than other players. When you start up this game you literally start with a long haired guy in a leather trenchcoat who is loading up his arsenal and talks about how basically humans are like flies on a carcass and how he must exterminate as many as he can before he dies. It isn’t any wonder this game got a lot of negative press, especially seeing that a lot of shootings have been happening lately, especially in America.

For me, this game is just made to be this shocking to gain the attention it did, and for that they got it right. I don’t think they realise though how many people will straight up boycott this game due to it’s graphic nature and straight up evil premise. I will say, though, the game IS somehow a bit fun… I’m not saying I LIKE what I am made to do within this game, but it does play in a fun way, it is a twin stick shooter after all.

The real question I think is, will the developers continue to make games that have such a shock value again? If they do, they may find that not all their games make their way onto Steam, to be honest, I’m very surprised this game ever did, but then again the Postal games are on there too. It does look good aesthetically, though, the black and white colour scheme works well and looks kind of like a Sin City style game.

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