Who Wants to WIN a New Mousepad?

Speedlink got in touch and asked us to make sure some of our readers had a lucky start to the New Year by giving away 5 of their ORIOS LED Soft Gaming Mousepads.

The ORIOS mousepad is a soft mat with an LED boundary that comes with 7 static colour options as well as an 8th pulsating one, and should add that little bit of extra bling to your RGB setup. You can read more about it here (and if you are in the US or Canada, you can pick one up here).

Speedlink Orios LED Soft

Unfortunately we are only able to accept entries from within the UK.
We apologise to readers from everywhere else but this is something that is beyond our control and so anyone who’s not got a UK residential address will not be selected as a winner.
But for those of you who are UK residents, you can enter either (or both) of the competitions that we are running until the end of January. Requirements for each competition are slightly different, Option 1 is multiple entry style and you can gain extra entries each day whereas Option 2 is a 1-click style giveaway but you need a Gaming Tribe account to enter.

Option 1

Use the widget below – including repeated entry options – FOUR of you will be selected as winners at the end of January.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Option 2

If you’re not a fan of multiple-option giveaways like the one above, you can enter via our Gaming Tribe social network page to win the 5th ORIOS mousepad. This is a simple 1-click-to-enter process, however you will need to be (or become) a member of GTribe by creating a free profile. Only those with a fully completed profile page will be eligible to win since we need to make sure that you’re not a botnet with thousands of profiles.
Again, it’s UK residents only for this prize, sorry to everyone else.

You don’t have to enter both draws, you can choose the option that’s right for you. The chance of winning each giveaway is dependant on the number of valid entries received. For the best chance to win return to this page daily and enter the Rafflecopter multiple entry options in addition to entering through Gaming Tribe.

If you are selected as the winner in one competition your other entries will become invalid, including for the other competition – only 1 prize per person.

If you have any questions relating to the draw you may contact Play3r via giveaways@play3r.net.

Please note that we do NOT collect any information as a result of your entry, only valid winners will be required to send their details once the giveaways have concluded.

This information will be passed to Speedlink (or their representative) and as soon as prizes have been distributed Play3r will delete the personal information of the winners where possible.

To administer a fair draw, Gaming Tribe and/or Rafflecopter will require some personal information – if you wish for this to be deleted after the competition has concluded please contact either / both directly and follow their instructions on how to delete your account.

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