Hyper-threading Issue Found in Intel’s Skylake and Kaby Lake Processors

It appears that Intel's Skylake and Kaby Lake Processors have a flaw while handling some Hyperthreaded instruction loops

eSports’ Growing Popularity is Creating a Need for Specialized Training

Image: MMO Coach - eSports via Facebook It all started online but has since spread to our television sets and beyond: Audiences of different types...

Coming Together: Console and Mobile

Many major franchises and series will have both console and portable games, allowing for different takes and a lot of flexibility.

Old Games Are Being Revolutionized By New Tech

For as long as there has been civilization, human beings have always created and embraced games...

Pico Model C Top Five Most Successful Food Kickstarter Campaign Opens to European Backers

PicoBrew, the manufacturer of the world’s first line of automatic, craft beer brewing appliances, today announced that it will be expanding its business into Europe

Deciding on Your Next Time-Killing Mobile Game

It's hard to imagine a world without mobile phones, but it wasn't that long ago when people had to rely on reading a newspaper or staring at the world for entertainment while travelling to work or eating their lunch in the park.
Virtuix Omni

Virtuix Omni: Could the “VR Treadmill” be the Latest Milestone in Virtual Reality Innovation?

Virtuix’s Omni was not only one of the biggest VR-related Kickstarter campaigns when it launched in June 2013, it was also one of the ten biggest technology crowdfunding campaigns at that time, raising over $1.1 million against a goal of $150,000.
ASUS ROG Announces 2016 OC Showdown and RealBench Challenge! 3

ASUS ROG Poseidon 1080Ti Announced

Offering a choice between air and watercooling using their DirectCU H20 full cover block and heatsink/fan assembly, along with an enhanced power delivery setup expect to see some impressive performance numbers from the ASUS ROG Poseidon 1080Ti

Play to Win: Winning Strategies All Gamers Should Use

Whatever multiplayer game you’re playing, whether it be FIFA with a friend or an MMO game against a sworn enemy a few thousand miles...

The Poisoned Chalice: Games that Defied Tie-in Misery

There’s an unspoken rule – or curse – dictating that video games based on movies (and vice-versa) must be terrible.