A Closer Look at VFast FTTP/FTTH Alongside TP-Link’s Wi-Fi 6 Mesh System Trial

VFast is an up-and-coming ISP particularly now expanding into Kent & Medway with FTTP/FTTH being offered. We take a look at their trial of a TP-Link Wi-Fi 6 Mesh System.

How Can Low Wagering Casinos Benefit Canadian Players?

As a Canadian player, you may wonder how minimum playthrough casinos boost your bankroll. Such platforms offer you greater control over your gambling budget....

What is Moore’s Law? Why is Moore’s Law Important?

In 1965, Gordon Moore, the co-founder of Fairchild Semiconductor and Intel, made a now-famous observation that the number of transistors on a chip doubles approximately every 18 months while the cost of a transistor drops by half.
Windows Your Phone Apps Page

Windows ‘Your Phone’ Nearly Made Me Destroy Mine

Windows 'Your Phone' Update which adds new remote control features removed my ability to control my phone - Here's what happened.

RTX 3060 Sells Out Immediately on Launch, Despite Crypto Lock

The RTX 3060 sold out immediately on launch, despite a driver crippling of Ethereum mining alongside controversial "CMP" mining cards.
Terramaster F5-422 10GBaseT NAS from the front, with 5 bays visible

10GBaseT NAS Range from TerraMaster: Models and Specs

In this article we'll cover the models, features and specs for the 10GBaseT-equipped TerraMaster "422 series" NAS, from F2-422 to F8-422
The chicken drawer on the KFConsole steams with fresh tendies

KFConsole Shown Off by KFC and CM, Apparently Unironically

The KFConsole, a gaming PC with a built-in chicken-warmer made by Cooler Master, is a cherry on top of what's been a very weird year.
Screenshot of ASRock POlychrome on an X570 Taichi showing RGB memory control

X570 Taichi Memory RGB Control: Getting It Working

If you're having trouble controlling your memory RGB on an ASRock X570 Taichi with a new BIOS, here's how to fix it and get your RAM RGB'd up.
An AMD slide declaring planned support for AM4 to 2020

B450 Zen 3 Update: Estimated Date Given for BIOSes

AMD have provided an update on the process of making B450 and X470 motherboards compatible with new "Zen 3" processors and set a date.
A picture of a kidney, an equals sign, an RTX 3090 and a question mark

Opinion: Don’t Sell Your Kidney For An RTX 3090

With Nvidia's latest top-end GPU costing a massive $1500, Michael lays out why he thinks you shouldn't sell your kidney for an RTX 3090