Parvum Boy by niklot1981 15

I’m such a huge fan of Parvum cases, they are so gorgeous to look at when built well. And this mod by Niklot really redefined watercooling for me, everything seems to be acrylic rigid tubing these days. Which is totally fine, but the curves in this case are mesmerizing.. In my eyes this modder has created a piece of art, it’s just awesome! Originally this was a red and black mod, but I think Parvum HQ loved the build so much they sent him a 100% clear acrylic case… so will be really interesting to see how this ends up (most likely gorgeous) but I’ll leave you to be the judge! In my usual style here’s a bunch of images which all belong to Niklot over on Bit-tech – Please check out his build log if you enjoyed dreaming of owning this build:

parvum-boy3parvum-boy4 parvum-boy5 parvum-boy9 parvum-boy10 parvum-boy11parvum-boy15parvum-boy14


So if you loved this build, don’t forget to swing by the original build log:

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