Mods to Watch – Gold Wings by Snef 10

The moment I looked at this build and knowing it’s prestigious designer’s previous builds, I knew I had to feature this build in Mods to Watch. I have personally followed Snef’s designs for a while now, and seeing one with the aim of going gold, and in a case that is impossible for any normal bod to get – well, how could I say no to indulging myself in the build log.

Please check out the full build log here:

MtW3 CaseThis is the point where my interest in this build sparked. A case I hadn’t seen before, and didn’t look like an older design. After reading through the build post – this is a 1/50 case made by EK themselves – the Vulture. What I would give to get a one of a kind (or one of fifty kinds) case. I can almost guarantee Snef will not keep this case how it is now.MtW3 Mobo and RAMA mini-ITX build, Snef is really trying to make a maximum impact with this build. I can’t wait to see the colour co-ordination used.

MtW3 Mobo, RAM and GPUUsing a 970 Strix in this build seems only right with Snef’s love of everything RoG. So compact and yet so beautiful too.

MtW3 Mobo plus blocksThank god the ugly heatsinks on the Dominator GT’s are gone… And have been replaced with a lovely EK ram block. This is looking a bit too silver right now…

MtW3 SleevingHere we have our first hint of the build’s colour scheme. Some beautiful sleeving with that looks like Darkside cable combs.

MtW3 EK ShowoffA plethora of EK parts to add to this build. Gold fittings? They wont look good next to silver fittings… Perhaps we’re going to see some sexy modding here!

MtW3 Gold Block and ResMtW3 Gold BlocksAnd here we have it! Gold plated waterblocks, fittings and pump. Good God, this is gorgeous. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen with the coolant, and all the tubing routes.


MtW3 White CaseI knew the case would change. Now in a beautiful white, the gold and red is really going to stand out here (if the red is ever going to stay).


I can’t wait to see the rest of this build, and I urge you all to go and view the full build log over at Linus Tech Tips:


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