Mod of the Month - Rambo by Honziik 10

It’s not very often I see something so incredible from a name I’ve never heard of, this new modder on Bit-tech was pointed out to me by a friend (who knows I love SFF) and this build really made me smile. It’s not a watercooled, crazy over the top build. More a simple air cooled build that the creator built for editing images, it doesn’t even have a dedicated GPU. So what makes this so special? It’s gorgeous and built to purpose. No space is wasted and it uses just what it needs to get the job done! It even uses a Pico-PSU to power the Intel 4790t, so this is one beasty little computer for what it is. Anyway I give you the Mod of the month (February) Rambo – by Honzik:

Rambo Scratchbuild 2-min Rambo Scratchbuild 3-min Rambo Scratchbuild 4-min Rambo Scratchbuild 5-min Rambo Scratchbuild 6-min Rambo Scratchbuild 7-min Rambo Scratchbuild 8-min Rambo Scratchbuild 9-min Rambo Scratchbuild 10-min Rambo Scratchbuild 12-min Rambo Scratchbuild-min

You can find the original build log here:

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