Got a PC? A 3D printer? Want to be a Jedi Knight? Then here is how you can become one with easy to download files!

With 3D printers dropping in price and becoming very popular globally, we searched the web for a few of the most awesome things to make. After searching for hours, we were left with the most awesome thing on the internet. A life size replica custom Lightsaber. Now, the images you can see are of the item that was created by “Valcrow” who works for Redicubricks ( who spent a fair few hours perfecting the design.






Reddit users have already used the free design, he said it took 22 hours to complete on an Ultimaker 2 3D printer and that the model came out looking fit for a Jedi.

The files are available from the following link. If you try it out be sure and tell us how yours turns out:

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