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Brand: Raijintek
Model: Zelos

RRP: £20.99 (At time of review)

Established in 2013 Raijintek is still a very young and new company in the computer industry. Being a small company based in Europe, Raijintek mainly deal with CPU cooler’s but have announced they want to grow in the industry and develop all different ranges of components including PSU, chassis and gaming accessories.

Today I got my hands on the Raijinket Zelos, a low profile cooler compatible with Intel and AMD’s newest sockets. This low profile cooler is one of the smallest coolers that I have had to test, with a radius of 90mm and height of 44mm. Today we will test it on the good old i7 4770k at 3.9GHz and 4.5GHz testing the core temperature and noise level at idle and under full load.

What Raijintek have to say about the Zelos

“Zelos, Rijintek’s new low profile cooler, is designed especially for narrow desktops. Total height of 44mm including the 9015 PWM fan. Zelos is designed by German Engineers and representing its greatly enhanced airflow and surface for heat dissipation. Zelos’ heatpipes are nickel plated and supports Intel and AMD modern CPU sockets and platforms out of the box.”


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