I’ve never understood Apple’s advertising, or more why people are so engrossed by it. Any smart minded consumer would have held off, waited a few weeks to make sure there were no serious teething issues, read some reviews, and then headed off to the store to pick up their shiny new iPhone 6. But that doesn’t seem to be the case for an incredible 10 million people. And let’s pause and put that in perspective for a moment here.

GTA V sold 11.21 million copies in its first 24 hours, and that was the biggest entertainment release of all time, so it’s taken Apple’s new phone just three days to match that. And we’re not talking about a £40/$60 game here either, the cheapest iPhone is 6 is £539 from the Apple Store, assuming all 10 million were the cheapest model, (Which they definitely won’t be) that’s roughly £5.4 billion that Apple has taken in the last three days alone. Crazy.

And to me personally that’s not even the craziest thing, it’s when you incorporate that into the time scale that things get truly impressive. 3 days is 72 hours, 4320 minutes and 259200 seconds. Run the numbers and on average Apple were making roughly £75 million an hour, £1.25 million a minute and a staggering £20,794.75 every second. Every second! And that’s assuming every buyer bought the most basic model remember.

I’ll openly admit that I’m not a big Apple fan, but those are some serious numbers. And now you’ve seen all that, let me tell you this, it’s not even on sale in China yet, arguably Apple’s biggest and fastest growing market. The problem here is that Apple doesn’t know when they’ll be allowed to put the iPhone 6 on sale, because it is currently awaiting approval for sale by the Chinese Government who will have the final say on if and when it can go on sale, but it’s safe to say when it does sales will continue to rise.

Will you be picking up an iPhone 6 or are you sticking with your current device of choice? Let us know.

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