Amazon have been busy recently with the release of it’s new video streaming service, Amazon Prime Streaming but now it seems that the super-company will be taking on known contender Spotify.

Reports are coming in thick and fast that Amazon is in serious talks with top music labels to include music into its Prime streaming service, which would slot right in with its current movie and TV offerings. The move, which makes sense to try and get more people on to Prime, looks like it’s hitting a few bumps in the road though, as Amazon’s executives are looking for a discount on prices that the record labels have given to other streaming services – but with sources saying that talks have been going on for months, the deal could happen sooner, rather than later, and it does make a lot of sense for Amazon.

With the company now considering heading into the music streaming business then it will already have competitions from huge names such as Spotify, iTunes Radio, Google Play and Beats audio, of which we covered a few months ago. The margins for perfection in this area for amazon are looking slim but with backing, we are sure they will perk up with other competition and achieve a kickout.

What do you think, is Amazon gettign greedy by attempting to knock other services off the top or are they just wanting to expand to benefit those using its Prime facilities? Are you a Spotify or Prime user?

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