Home News Samsung Producing 128GB DDR4 modules of RAM

Samsung Producing 128GB DDR4 modules of RAM

Samsung Producing 128GB DDR4 modules of RAM

With technology developing at an alarming rate, we have seen the development of hardware and storage increase drastically in the past 5 years. Starting with optical disk space, we now see modules of 128GB DDR3 being produced by Samsung.

Including large quantities of storage for demanding tasks like video editing/rendering, Samsungs super-charged RAM is also efficient by using TSV interconnect technology to help signal performance. What is TSV? Well, the guys over at Techspot were kind enough to explain by stating: “Foregoing traditional wire bonding, the TSV technique involves grinding chips down to a few dozen micrometers, piercing them with hundreds of tiny holes and vertically connecting them with electrodes passing through the holes. Although nothing new the advanced circuitry does allow for a significant boost in signal transmission.”


It will probably take a few years before we see a Windows based OS reach the potential of running a good few hundred GB of RAM. Currently, there is a limit set in stone by Microsoft on their windows Operating Systems which makes running more than 1 stick of Samsung’s latest hardware cross the line and storage being made redundant.

Version Limit on X86 Limit on X64
Windows 7 Ultimate 4 GB 192 GB
Windows 7 Enterprise 4 GB 192 GB
Windows 7 Professional 4 GB 192 GB
Windows 7 Home Premium 4 GB 16 GB
Windows 7 Home Basic 4 GB 8 GB
Windows 7 Starter 2 GB N/A


As seen above, from Microsoft’s website covering RAM limits, Windows 10 64-bit was capable of understanding and efficiently using 192GB. So as previously mentioned, 2 sticks would run past the limit and cause a total of 64GB of DDR4 ram modules being redundant. Something our pockets would probably not thank us for!

So, how much RAM do you run in your system? Is 128GB a tad too much or a great investment for future-proofing your system? Let us know what you think!

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