AMD’s Never Settle Reloaded has seen some changes and additions of late most recently Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon added across the board, AMD have gone back and added another expansion to the bundle program.  This expansion will not replace the current Never Settle Bundle but run concurrently along side the current one.  The new bundle is to be called the Level Up bundle, with the complete package being dubbed the Level Up with Never Settle Reloaded bundle.

This new bundle will not add any additional games to the Never Settle Bundle, but increase the mid range graphics card game bundles by one game per series of graphics card, with the exception of the top end and low of the spectrum.

This is great news for anyone purchasing an AMD graphics card who doesn’t already own any of the the listed titles.  And I believe the  Never Settle Reloaded and Level Up Bundle program will continue to win favor with the consumer market.  As we are in a transition period within the video game market it came as pleasant surprise to us when AMD announced the Level Up Bundle program.  I can see updates to the Reloaded and Level Up Bundles as new games are released.  Enticing more consumers to purchase AMD Graphics Cards in the future.


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