Leetgion El’Druin Review

  • Brand: Leetgion
  • Model: El’Druin Gaming Mouse
  • Website: http://www.leetgion.com/product-eldruin.php
  • RRP: €69.90 (At time of the review)

The Leetgion El’Druin continues the company’s practice of making gaming mice which are themed on popular games but also accessible and usable in a variety of other titles. The El’Druin is a Diablo 3 themed mouse, shown clearly in its use of gold “Omni Tuner” and sharp angular design. The word El’ Druin is defined as “the Sword of Justice, a blade wielded by the Archangel Tyrael. By all accounts it was a unique weapon, capable of cutting through any foe or substance in existence.”

The El’ Druin certainly looks to innovate in features through it’s use of 2 scrolling wheels on each side which benefit from custom key mapping, allowing you to set up some nifty shortcuts in specific game titles.

In this review I will look at the El’ Druin’s performance in comparison with Leetgion’s other mouse, the “Hellion“.

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