ENDGAMEGEAR hails from Germany, and it’s not very often a product comes along that I’m ashamed to admit I’ve never heard of that ends up shocking me with how good it is. Spoiler alert: the XM2we is that product. This is one of the best “no frills” mice I’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing, with a price to match!

ENDGAMEGEAR XM2we: Specifications

ENDGAMEGEAR XM2we: Closer Look

Not a shock a black mouse has come in all-black packaging, though the lack of colour does highlight that the XM2we comes with no RGB at all.

The rear of the box has a list of included specifications and hardware in various languages.

Internally, the mouse and accessories are held in place with foam, which, in my opinion, is perfect for a mouse and its accessories.

Speaking of accessories, ENDGAMEGEAR includes a 1.8m charging cable (USB Type-A to Type-C), wireless extender, wireless dongle, and quick start guide inside the box.

The wireless extender and dingle have the ENDGAMEGEAR logos stamped into them, which is typically done, so there are no surprises. Still, it has to be said the finish is done to an excellent quality.

A quick first top-down look at the mouse shows that the shape is a medium-sized mouse with a “fairly” pronounced hump, which should suit most hand sizes and naturally suits a claw grip style and is very comfortable, even with my larger-sized hand. The coating is the same matte UV coating as the XM1 and XM1r, which offers a good grip with a smooth finish.

Notice the lack of logos or RGB; this is the first indicator that ENDGAMEGEAR has deliberately focused more on what is going on under the hood while leaving a clean external aesthetic, with only two reasonably large left & right-click buttons with a scroll wheel with rubber coating to be found. The left side has two additional buttons.

Looking at the front, we see the recessed USB-C charging port. The mouse can also be wired while charging, with zero downtime.

The cable has a reassuringly snug feel once connected, so you’ll not fret about it falling out even if a demanding gaming session occurs.

Taking a look at the underside, the first thing you’ll notice is the large white-dyed PTFE (Teflon) feet. These aid in offering you a decent glide feel while using the mouse and, in my opinion, feel great with excellent glide characteristics.

An on-off power switch and “mode” button are just above the bottom glide pad. The power switch is self-explanatory, but the mode switch should be relabelled DPI as its primary function is to switch between the 4 default DPI profiles, set to 400, 8000, 1600, and 3200 DPI.

Finally, a small LED can be found on the left edge. When charging, the LED is green and pulses; when fully charged, the LED turns solid green, indicating a 100% charge status. An ENDGAMEGEAR logo can also be spotted above the LED, the only branding on the entire thing!

The LED also changes colour depending on the DPI profile used with blue, green, yellow, and red options.


The XM2we’s software is a basic but functional affair; lightweight would be a fair description.

On the first page, you can adjust the key settings, which happens when each button is pressed, and the debounce time in 1ms variations. A mouse battery percentage is also shown in the top right of the window, which is pretty accurate to around 5% variation, as it showed the battery at 5% when it was completely flat and drained during testing. This page also allows the user to restore the default profile and export and import custom profiles set to their liking.

The second page gives the user “CPI” settings, which can be adjusted between 50 and 19,000 CPI. Along with options to set several stages, each stage can then be adjusted to your preferred CPI. Finally, 125, 250, 500, and 100Hz polling rates are available along with a 1 or 2mm LOD and tick boxes for Ripple Control and Angle snapping.

ENDGAMEGEAR XM2we: Under The Hood

The XM2we uses PicsArt’s PAW3370, capable of 19,000 CPI, paired with a CompX CX52850 MCU, which wirelessly allows a 1000Hz polling rate.

For the main buttons, Endgame Gear has selected Kailh GO optical switches, which have a lifespan of around 80 million actuations. Their main advantage over the mechanical switches used for the XM2w is their inability to develop double-clicking due to wear and tear over time.

The mouse wheel uses a (wide) TTV silver scroll wheel encoder paired with a Kailh GM2.0 switch for the button. This same switch is used in the pair of side buttons, with the Kailh GM2.0 rated for 20 million actuations.

The battery is 410 mAh, which ENDGAMEGEAR says offers 70 hours of battery life. Typically, this is around a week, and I’d have to agree, charging it about once a week in this four-week test period.

ENDGAMEGEAR XM2we: The Verdict

Right off the bat, it has to be said that the XM2we is hands down one of the best overall wireless mice I’ve ever used. Its combination of hardware and its understated aesthetic has come together, all in a lightweight (63g) and wireless package, to make something rather special.

The choice not to use flagship but proven hardware, with reliability at its core, is something I personally look for. That’s not to say it’s not good; the PixArt PAW3370 sensor and CompX CX52850 MCU are excellent, along with the Kailh GO and GM2.0 switches selected. The battery life is also excellent, with around 70 hours of use from the 410 mAh battery.

Externally, the aesthetic is bare, with an understated no-frills look. You must look for something else if you came for bells and whistles and RGB up the wazoo. But if, like me, you’re happy with a plain Jane, the XM2we is right up your street. Additional touches like the grippy UV matt coating that makes it feel grippy while smooth to the touch add to the list of positives this mouse has.

With an asking price of £/$ 79.99, it’s not a cheap “no-frills” mouse. The price puts it in stiff competition, but what it offers for the asking price is excellent, with its superb hardware choices and an aesthetic you love or find boring, and if the latter, find something better suited. Would I spend my own money on this? Absolutely!

What’s hot:

  • Very comfortable, especially for claw grippers.
  • Excellent hardware
  • Non-gamer aesthetic (if you appreciate that)
  • The software package is simple and effective, but…

What’s not:

  • It’s a  basic software package that could do with some formatting/tidying up.

Big thanks to ENDGAMEGEAR for sending over the XM2we for today’s review.

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endgamegear-xm2we-wireless-mouse-reviewENDGAMEGEAR hails from Germany, and it's not very often a product comes along that I'm ashamed to admit I've never heard of, that ends up shocking me with how good it is. Spoiler alert, the XM2we is that product. I will go ahead and say this is one of the best "no frills" mice I've ever had the pleasure of using. 

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