Hi everybody, time for another mouse review, this time from a manufacturer I haven’t had any experience with before. Glorious PC Gaming Race is one of the more recent players to the gaming peripherals market, formed by a group who were looking to improve the quality of products to gamers, they started out simple with a gaming surface, but have since moved onto keyboards and mice.
The device on test today is the Model O- Glorious Gaming Mouse, in matte white and weighing just 58 grams.

Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O- Gaming Mouse Specifications & Features

Sensor Pixart® PMW-3360 Sensor
Switch Type (Main) Omron® Mechanical Rated For 20 Million Clicks
Number of Buttons 6
Max Tracking Speed 250+ IPS
Weight Model O: 67grams (Matte) and 68 grams (Glossy)*
Model O-: 58grams (Matte) and 59grams (Glossy)*
Acceleration: 50G
Max DPI 12,000
Polling Rate 1000hz (1ms)
Lift off Distance ~0.7mm
Cable Type Ascended Cord (ultra-flexible)
Connector USB 2.0
Cable Length 2 m / 6.5 ft
Mouse Feet Type G-Skates Premium Mouse Feet
Mouse Feet Thickness 0.81mm
Dedicated DPI indicator? Yes, on bottom of mouse
Default DPI Settings 400 (yellow), 800 (blue), 1600 (red), 3200 (green)
Remappable DPI Yes (requires software)
LED Color 16.8 million color RGB (8 effects)
LED adjustable without software? Yes
LED can be disabled? Yes
OS Windows, Mac, and Linux. USB port required
Software Optional (for more settings and options)
Software Compatibility Windows (7 or newer)
Warranty 2 years

Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O- Gaming Mouse Closer Look

glorious pc gaming mouse model 0 box top

The Model O- Glorious Gaming Mouse arrives in a very sturdy box which has a holographic style image of the mouse partially obscured by the rest of the branding and marketing.

glorious pc gaming mouse model 0 box bottom

On the bottom of the box the holographic effect is again used for the mouse, then more standard text for the marketing write-up and specifications.

glorious pc gaming mouse model 0 box contents

Unnecessary plastic notice, that plastic cradle is doubled up inside the lid, to completely clamp in the mouse, the box is sturdy enough without this extra plastic. Other than that we get a manual, some marketing materials and some stickers which are always fun to have.

glorious pc gaming mouse model 0 top

Looking at the mouse from the top it does have quite an ambidextrous shape, it’s a shame the forward and back buttons are only on one side. Lots of hexagonal holes in the casing are there to reduce the weight and they do that job well while not compromising the integrity of the shell so it doesn’t feel flimsy. My one concern is that the innards of the mouse are exposed to liquids and debris that could fall in. The mouse shape feels quite ergonomic the shape design has been popular with many manufacturers over the years.

glorious pc gaming mouse model 0 left

Over on the left hand side we can see the arch, which is a little lower than the standard Model O. The forward and back buttons are well placed and we have the Glorious PC Gaming Race mascot logo where the thumb rests. There is no rubbery texture or other grip here just the smooth plastic used for the whole device.

glorious pc gaming mouse model 0 right

The right hand side of the mouse features no buttons unfortunately, we do get the word glorious at the front and still a smooth plastic surface.

glorious pc gaming mouse model 0 front

Looking from the front, we have the center mounted cord, the mouse wheel has a stepped tyre on it which roughly corresponds to clicks, above that we have the DPI selection button.

glorious pc gaming mouse model 0 underside

Flipping the Model O- over there are more holes in the base to reduce weight, around the edges we have four replaceable glide feet, center left we have a DPI indicator which changes colour depending on the mode selected and then in the middle we have the sensor itself.

glorious pc gaming mouse model 0 connector

Connection wise the mouse comes with a gold plated USB connector, it also has a noise reduction ferrite ring, then a label with all the information on it that wouldn’t fit on the bottom due to the holes. The cable supplied is a standard plastic cable inside quite a loose fabric sleeving solution, the actual wire itself feels very thin which might be of concern over time as I am not convinced the sleeving offers any real protection.

glorious pc gaming mouse model 0 powered on

Plugging the mouse in reveals some glorious RGB, the effect is very striking and can be played around with in the software.


glorious pc gaming mouse model 0 software main screen

Initially installing the software Windows warned that it was not trusted so I had to bypass the warning to continue, this could cause worries for customers who are more wary. On installation the mouse was not recognised, I had to run the firmware update that arrived with the software package to get things up and running, so the out of the box experience is a bit fiddly at the moment. Once done we are presented with this main screen where there is quick access to Button Assignments and Macro Editor, Profile Selector and a right hand menu with the DPI setting at the top. DPI offers six onboard DPI settings and you can select a colour for each setting which would be indicated on the underside of the mouse. One thing available is independent X and Y DPI settings which is great to have however I have never had a use for it.

glorious pc gaming mouse model 0 software lighting

Under the lighting controls tab we can select various light modes and speeds.

glorious pc gaming mouse model 0 sofware mouse parameter

Lift Off Distance is the setting available under the Mouse Parameter tab.

glorious pc gaming mouse model 0 sofware polling rate

Next is the Polling Rate tab where the polling rate can be selected in Hz.

glorious pc gaming mouse model 0 sofware debounce time

Debounce Time is an advanced feature to play with the latency in click times, this is only recommended for advanced tweaking. The Debounce Time setting creates a wait time before allowing an activation, so double clicking cannot occur until a set time after the first click. A really good switch will allow a very low time as it is less likely to cause accidental double clicks, many people set this to 4ms however after some experimentation I didn’t seem to notice any effect on performance in games.

The Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O- Gaming Mouse Review: The Verdict

After some pretty serious testing, I found the Model O- to have quite a comfortable, sturdy design although the materials are not what I would normally recommend especially with the plastic feeling quite slippery, however this is offset by the lightweight nature of the mouse. Tracking is excellent and the software sufficient, once you get past the initial installation niggles.

What’s hot:

  • Fantastic Sensor
  • Build quality is sturdy despite the holes in the shell
  • Very well priced

What’s not:

  • Cable is very thin and loosely sleeved
  • Software fiddly to install
  • Device at risk of debris and spills

I was very intrigued by this mouse when it landed for review, to date I have always been a big fan of something with some decent weight behind it, however I could possibly be converted as the lightweight shell in a familiar design was very easy to use and easy on fatigue. The build quality is solid despite the hexagonal holes which give it a nice rigid structure, of course this means dropping really small screws or liquid near it would probably kill this mouse really quickly. The overall design is quite pleasing to the eye and it is available in black too. The software install was a janky process, firstly Windows was not happy with it not being a signed application, then the software wouldn’t see the mouse without a firmware update, on updating firmware there was no prompt to re-plug the mouse which has to be done before it will function again, a small part of me did think I had bricked it.

Day to day usage: For normal desktop processes movement is smooth and accurate, the many DPI settings available along with the great sensor meant I had no issues with image editing or other fine work. The scroll wheel stepping is almost perfectly aligned to the ridges on the tyre.

Gaming usage: Getting down to what this mouse is all about and firing up some games really let it shine. Playing CS:GO and the lack of weight allowed me to flick to targets with ease, making me question whether my weightier mouse is actually a better fit for this game. Moving onto Overwatch more of the same, a great accurate sensor with DPI settings to suit. Playing around with the double click latency in the Debounce menu seemed to yield slightly different gaming results on the buttons but I couldn’t rule out a placebo effect. Slowing down mousing into CIV VI and, like in desktop use, the accuracy was helpful when selecting and moving units. Despite my concerns over the slippery plastic surface I didn’t encounter any loss of grip during gaming.

Coming in at around £45 at the time of writing this mouse is very well priced indeed, many competitors would add another £20 and not even flinch, with the two year warranty included this really is a good value option. As usual you should try before you buy if you can, because the lightweight shell may not be to everybody’s liking it has however drawn me into wanting to try it some more. For my concerns we have the holes being an ingress for dirt, debris and liquids, it also lacks two buttons for left handed users which the ambidextrous shape should have been taken advantage of even though it would add some weight. Finally, the extra plastic in the packaging gets a thumbs down. All in all we do have a great product and even with the niggles it does still deserve our Gold Award simply due to the fantastic price it is offered at.

Glorious pc gaming race model o gold award

Thanks to Glorious PC Gaming Race and Overclockers UK for sending a sample of the Model O- Gaming Mouse in for review.

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glorious-pc-gaming-race-model-o-gaming-mouse-reviewThe Glorious Model O- mouse at only 58grams, is a well built device with a fantastic sensor, the gaming capabilities really shine, while the software is great it is a bit of a messy setup and install. Some concerns over the cable quality and the risks of having lots of holes in your mouse shell are pretty well offset by the great price tag.

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