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Hey guys, the Corsair mice keep flowing, and this one is very fresh.
Corsair provide lots of peripherals and components, aimed mainly at the gaming market, with everything from lower-mid range to high end.
The M55 RGB Pro has just launched on the scene and offers an ambidextrous desktop rodent experience.

Lets see what it does.

Corsair M55 RGB Pro Mouse Specifications & Features

Wired Connectivity – USB 2.0 Type-A
Sensor – PAW3327
Sensor Type – Optical
Resolution – 200 DPI – 12,400 DPI, with 100 DPI steps

220 IPS, 30 G

On-Board Profiles – 1
Backlight – 2-Zone RGB
Buttons – 8
USB Report Rate – 1000Hz
Color – Black
Mouse Feet – Large PTFE
Cable – 1.8 m / 6 ft., braided fiber, black, fixed
iCUE (Software) – Supported
Dimensions – 124.4(L) x 57.25(W) x 40(H) mm / 4.9”(L) x 2.25”(W) x 1.57”(H)
Weight (w/o cable and accessories) – 86g / 0.19 lbs.
Warranty – Two years

Corsair M55 RGB Pro Mouse Closer Look

Corsair M55 RGB Pro box top

Well if you guys have seen any of my recent reviews this style of box will be very familiar. Product on the front with not much info other than a name and the iCue software logo. It does look clean and serves it’s purpose without being too large for the product.

Corsair M55 RGB Pro box bottom

On the back of the box we have much more information in various languages along with another couple of images. Going up to 12400 DPI should be plenty for most uses.

Corsair M55 RGB Pro inner packaging

Wait a minute, this packaging is much better than what previous mice have arrived in. Well done Corsair for getting rid of the plastic bubble. An easily recyclable cardboard shroud protects the M55.

Corsair M55 RGB Pro box contents

Not an awful lot in the box which is good because we’re all here for the mouse. As week as the M55, we get a user guide, a warranty guide and a disposal guide.

Corsair M55 RGB Pro top rear

The M55 RGB Pro itself is quite an attractive mouse. The top shell is a slightly textured plastic – a little like textured keycaps – pleasant to hold. The mouse wheel has a nice rubbery textured surface, I do prefer straight horizontal lines for stepping but it works fine. The DPI button is low profile to avoid accidental clicks and the left and right buttons are built into the shell for a seamless shape. At the back we have an illuminated Corsair logo, I am really happy they went back to the sails.

Corsair M55 RGB Pro left

The left view shows us the arch of the mouse which makes it good for both palm and claw style use. The forward and back buttons are well positioned, I think manufacturers have just about nailed that by now. The side grips are slightly rubbery with a textured surface to assist.

Corsair M55 RGB Pro right

As we are looking at an ambidextrous mouse the right hand side mirrors the left.

Corsair M55 RGB Pro front

From the front we don’t get the aggressive grilles of other Corsair mice but it looks fine and it’s not an angle that you will see that much anyway.

Corsair M55 RGB Pro base

The base of the mouse is nothing too complex; we get some great glide pads that are of a decent size, the sensor sits in the middle and a sticker contains product information and other required text.

Corsair M55 RGB Pro cable and connector

Corsair’s hefty USB connector is again included and a pleasant braided cable runs to the mouse, it is still a little stiff as with others and can kink if pulled tight on a corner.

Corsair M55 RGB Pro powered on

Plug in the mouse and it springs to life with a little colour from the lighting. For all you left handers out there, this is not half bad looking.


Icue M55 main screen

Continuing standardised software support for their products Corsair have enabled the iCue software for the M55 RGB Pro.

Icue M55 settings

The Settings menu for the M55 RGB Pro gives us polling rate options and lighting brightness but also left handed mode at the click of an option, more importantly something I initially missed and almost scored on, you can enable the opposing buttons for extra function configuration.

Icue M55 actions

Here in the Actions menu you can re-assign buttons to different tasks as usual, don’t forget to enable both sets of side buttons in the settings menu if you want to configure them for extra functions.

Icue M55 lighting

Even though we only have the logo to play with, lighting effects are still available.

Icue M55 dpi modes

Three DPI modes are available per profile and three profiles can be stored on the mouse, the sniper button can also be enabled once outs been mapped to a button on the mouse.

Icue M55 performance

The performance tab has Pointer Precision Enhancement however there’s no Angle Snapping and sadly no Surface Calibration is available for this mouse which would have been great.

The Corsair M55 RGB Pro Mouse Review: The Verdict

I have had a fair bit of time with the M55 RGB Pro prior to launch and have been putting it through it’s paces. The build quality from Corsair is definitely up to their usual standard, no worries there. The design is very functional and not too flashy, it is good to see well made ambidextrous mice as left handed users often get overlooked. The buttons are well placed and the click feel is good.

What’s hot:

  • A gaming grade ambidextrous mouse
  • Comfortable to use both palm and claw grips.
  • Less plastic in the packaging

What’s not:

  • No Surface Calibration
  • Braided cable not the best

This M55 RGB Pro mouse is quite a cool little product. Being ambidextrous it ticks boxes for usability and having multiple profiles and a great DPI range available the majority of people won’t be left wanting, I can’t help thinking a wireless version would be awesome.

Desktop Use: For everyday usage I set the DPI to 1800 and off it goes with no problems at all with accuracy. Dropping the DPI to 600 for more delicate work, the M55 RGB Pro had no problems with pointer stability in photo editing. While this is a cheaper sensor than other recent releases from Corsair, it’s still problem free.

Gaming Use: Of course these mice are aimed at gamers, FPS games were absolutely fine with this mouse, I could set any preferred DPI and not have to worry about tweaking to get the desired accuracy. RTS Games were just as good and I did not experience any fatigue using the mouse, it is slightly less comfortable than say the Ironclaw but that is down to catering for both left and right handed users.

Software: The iCue software is very well put together, its still not perfectly intuitive for assigning buttons but not impossible to work out. I did note the lack of Surface Calibration which I have actually found to be very useful on old or printed mouse mats to that point that I have come to think it’s almost necessary. Multiple profiles can be configured as with other mice and the onboard memory can store three of them making the mouse portable between systems without a full software suite install. I really do like the left/right handed selection feature and more importantly the button I almost missed that allows all mouse buttons to be used and configured all on the Settings page.

This mouse is set to launch at £44.99 which is actually a really good price for a wired mouse of this calibre. Competition is fierce at this price point but with a strong 2 year warranty and the knowledge that it is well built I have no problem at all granting our Gold Award to the M55 RGB Pro.

corsair m55 rgb pro gold award

Thanks to Corsair for sending a sample of the M55 RGB Pro in for review.

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corsair-m55-rgb-pro-ambidextrous-mouse-reviewHere we have a well built ambidextrous gaming mouse from Corsair. The M55 RGB Pro offers DPI's of up to 12400, multiple profiles with a comfortable design that appeals to gamers using either hand. While some premium features are missed, this is priced very well and still has plenty to offer. It would be great to see a wireless version and surface calibration added to really make this one of the greatest ambidextrous mice around.

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