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Introduction & Specification

Hey everyone, I am back again with a Gamdias offering, take a separate mouse and mat to your LAN party? Nope, I got 2-in-1.

Gamdias have an offering of peripherals at the budget to mid-range. Mice, keyboards, headsets and even chairs make an appearance on their list of products.

Today I am reviewing the Gamdias Zeus E1 Mouse which quite handily is also supplied with the NYX E1 mouse mat in the same box, quite a nice touch there increasing the overall package value. Lets have a gander at the specs.

Specifications – ZEUS E1
  • Tracking Method – Advanced Gaming Optical Sensor
  • Dimension – (LxWxH)127.26 x 72.45 x 40.85 mm
  • Weight – 125g
  • Keys – 6 Keys
  • Resolution – 1000/1600/2400/3200 DPI
  • Polling Rate – 125Hz
  • Switch Lifecycle – 8 Million
  • USB Cable Length – 1.8m
  • Graphical UI – NA
Specifications – NYX E1
  • Dimension – (LxWxH)240 x 180 x 3 mm

A Closer Look

gamdias zeus e1 box front

A colourful box front meets us with the Gamdias Zeus E1 + NYX E1, featuring a big picture of the mouse and a transparent cutout showing off the included NYX E1 mousemat. Some details highlighted are the textured design for grip, 6 smart keys (buttons) with a long lifecycle, ergonomic design and of course with todays hunger for all the things of the rainbow no less than Double Level RGB lighting.

gamdias zeus e1 box back

Around the back we get some more imagery of the box contents along with those features added in several languages. The packaging serves its purpose just fine, sturdy enough and with quite a bit of detail about the product.

gamdias zeus e1 box contents

Keeping it simple as Gamdias did with their Hebe M1 headset, the box contents are just the mouse and the mat. Previously this has shown greater investment in the product rather than just frills and extras, here’s hoping this continues with the Zeus E1. The included mat is a familiar cloth style and would suit gamers who don’t need a large surface, the texture is quite smooth but should still help with tracking against an even smoother plain surface.

gamdias zeus e1 top

Looking at a top view we have a right hand biased design with the extra buttons only serving right handed players. There is a curve to the shape that also makes left handed use feel a little out of place. The body is quite large which would suit larger hands than mine much better. The wheel is mostly smooth with some grooves. The DPI button is very close to the wheel and could be accidentally activated.

gamdias zeus e1 front

The front of the mouse looks quite good, the cable emerges from the centre. Ridges at the edges of the buttons extending from the main body should keep your fingers on the buttons.

gamdias zeus e1 left

Taking a look at the left side of the mouse, the two forward and back buttons are sitting nicely above the rubberised grip pad, this is a concave design and invites the thumb into the mouse for grip. We can also see the RGB light strip starting at the side as it wraps around the rear of the mouse.

gamdias zeus e1 rear

Following the RGB strip around the back we have the Gamdias logo and a vision of the shape of the mouse. We also get a glimpse of the lower illumination area.

gamdias zeus e1 right

As mentioned the right hand side of the Gamdias Zeus E1 doesn’t have any buttons, it does however feature another rubberised grip pad, this time there is less of a concave structure so the fingers this side sit more on the outside of the mouse shape.

gamdias zeus e1 bottom

The bottom of the mouse features some well place glide pads, the sensor is very central and we have the usual label featuring important information along with the product detail.

gamdias zeus e1 powered on

Landing the mouse on it’s NYX E1 mat after plugging it in reveals some quite striking and powerful lighting from the RGB LED’s, the bottom light positively glows off the mousemat, you certainly won’t lose this in the dark. Overall the Zeus E1 has a very attractive design.

Performance & Testing

So after a good look at the Gamdias Zeus E1 and NYX E1 how does it perform?

General Use

For normal windows use the mouse is not bad, the DPI settings are fixed to a selection of four at 1000/1600/2400 and 3200 DPI, while this is a wide selection it is limiting if you want to do accurate drawing or video editing for example. The tracking seems fine, and the mouse while a little big for my hand is quite comfortable. One issue I do have however is the back button on the left hand side, this is too long and no matter how I hold the mouse I keep accidentally clicking it, causing issues browsing web pages etc. The buttons have quite a good quality feel to them and clicking was accurate. The included NYX E1 mat performs fine and I have previously used small mats without issue.


During FPS games such as CS:GO and PUBG I found the limiting factor of not being able to adjust the DPI settings to suit my usual needs an issue, there are mice in the same price range with software that offers more accurate adjustments. The back button continued to cause me issues with games. The NYX E1 mat offers a good surface for tracking and is a nice portable option for LAN’s.


So Gamdias have offered a nice little package of a mouse including a mat, which is a neat idea.


The sensor seems quite good, but is held back by only having four fixed DPI settings. The 125Hz polling rate is fine, but some people like to have some adjustment there too. The buttons have a good feel to them and didn’t cause any worries with actuation, the back button on the left was an issue with me and I failed to be able to hold the mouse in a way that my activities weren’t negatively affected.


The Gamdias Zeus E1 is very attractive. It aa has some impressive lighting features and the rough texture of the surface is similar to quality keycaps on a mechanical keyboard. It is a large design which suits larger hands, so bear this in mind if considering this mouse. The NYX E1 mat is also quite attractive, it is rather small but that makes it useful for use in small spaces such as at LAN parties.


Available from around £30 at the time of writing, the Gamdias Zeus E1 + NYX E1 set is not priced as a premium product, it is quite well matched with much of the competition since the mat on it’s own would probably sell for around £5. However much more performance is available from other manufacturers at this price point, with designs that reach a wider audience.

Final Thoughts

I feel Gamdias have put together a good package especially for a gamer starting out, this would make a good value gift set with the holiday season approaching. The mouse performs quite well as long as you can get a comfortable grip that avoids accidental back button pressing. It is a very attractive design and feels well built. More adjustment on the DPI settings would be preferable as this can be limiting where fine detail work is required. The included mat is a great addition and lends itself as a handy gaming surface. Combining the mousemat with the mouse adds value so that is the award I am going to give Gamdias for their Zeus E1 + NYX E1 combo.

 Awards image 7

Thanks to Gamdias for sending the Zeus E1 + NYX E1 in for review.

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Attractive
– Inexpensive
– Comes with a mousemat


– Limited DPI
– Not suitable for left handers
– Better suited for large hands

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  1. I have found Gamdias Mouse in and the mouse and keyboards seems great for me for gaming. Loved your review bro. And About cons, I’m right handed, got a big hand so left with the DPI issue only. Tough I am okay with the DPI thing.

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