AMD has yet again launched a new GPU in the ever growing Rx 200 series and shows no signs of slowing down.

The Radeon R9 280 fits right below the R9 280X and is aiming for higher than 1080p graphics. AMD has revealed that the latest of the R9 products is ready for high-end monitors running 1600p.

A few differences between the R9 280 and 280X is for one, the 280 runs 1,792 stream processors as the 280X runs 2,048 and engine clock tops out at 933Mhz, less than the 280X’s 1GHz peak. The R9 280’s 3GB GDDR5 memory burns on a 384-bit bus, and memory speeds circles 5.0Gbps, just under the 280X’s 6.0Gbps. For a mid to high end GPU the price looks to be set at around $279 or £167 which will undoubtedly go down well for game and multimedia PC’s.

But has AMD just Re-branded the old 7850 boost?. I think so, take a look at the similarities between the two GPU’s and it becomes clear that not much has changed since 2012

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