Team Dignitas look for new Hearthstone team member 2

Travel the world, meet new people, play computer games and get paid for it. Who wouldn’t want that kind of lifestyle? Well, As an old bloke with kids it’s not really for me, but if you fancy trying your hand at being a pro gamer then listen up as Team Dignitas have announced that they are looking for 1 UK / Ireland player to join their roster.

The Game? Blizzard’s virtual trading card game Hearthstone. If you’ve not tried it yet then give it a go, it’s similar to Magic: The Gathering with characters, creatures and spells based on those found in World of Warcraft. Oh, and it’s free to play – though you might accidentally spend a fortune buying new cards if you want every combination of deck available and you want it all NOW.

Team Dignitas have been around since 2003, and field teams for a variety of games ranging from strategy like Starcraft and Hearthstone through to MOBAs and out the other side, with CS:GO and FIFA. In that time they have not only become a recognised name in esports but have also garnered the respect – and sponsorship deals – from the likes of Intel, Western Digital, Corsair Gaming and Scan along with many other companies.

If you think you have what it takes to join Team Dignitas, the online qualifiers are being played on August 1st and 2nd followed by a LAN event for the top players. There’s also £2500 cash prize pool available at the LAN so it’s worth trying your luck even if you don’t really want to join a team. For the successful candidate you get a contract, a salary, and travel to live events so you can finally start to live the superstar dream that you were born for.

Find out the info and sign up here.

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