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AMD has officially announced the launch of the all new AMD Partner Program. The program is designed to assist and reward AMDs global channel partners. They will achieve this by offering a tier based program that will give partners access to “a broad range of attributes including: financial, access, marketing, referral/recognition, technical, and material benefits.” AMD is also offering partners up-to-date information and tailored content to further help them grow.

The AMD Partner Program will recognize distributors, system builders, retailers and etailers on a 1 of 4 tiers outlined within the program. Partners will of course be able to climb the program ladder to excel to higher tiers which will of course offer them even more benefits. Some of the benefits which are of course tier dependent include: advanced road maps, training tools, launch partnerships and even early access to software, drivers and select AMD technology.

The program is of course designed for AMDs business partners but should also result in better support and overall experience for AMD consumers.  To see a bit more of what was said by AMD and select companies head on over to 

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