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• Manufacturer: Hauppauge Computer Works
• Model: HD PVR Rocket
• Price: £117 (At time of review)

Hauppauge Computer Works have been bringing television to the computer screen since 1992. Hauppauge Computer Works are a worldwide leader in developing and manufacturing PC based TV tuners as-well as data broadcast receiver products. Today we are taking a look at one of the other devices that Hauppauge makes. The Hauppauge HD PVR Rocket is a compact, portable device that allows you to record videos of your games playing on computers and consoles. You can then use a free utility to edit those videos and upload them to YouTube so that your friend’s and other’s can watch them. If you’ve ever wished you’d recorded a segment of gameplay so that you could prove you’d completed something, to show your skill in a game or explain gameplay techniques to help others, the HD PVR Rocket could be for you. Before we kick this off and look at the Hauppauge PVR Rocket, let’s see what Hauppauge have to say about the product;

What Hauppauge have to say about the HD PVR Rocket:

“HD PVR Rocket is portable and USB bus powered. Record your best game play at gaming events or at your friends home. Simply plug a USB thumb drive into the slot on the front of the Rocket and you can start recording from your games console or PC.

HD PVR Rocket records video at up to 1080p and can record from either HDMI (without HDCP protection) or Component Video.”


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