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As we can see looking at the front of the packaging the HD PVR Rocket is put in centre place, displaying it so the potential customer can see exactly what they are buying.   The black and white packaging accentuating the detail of the device as well as the information regarding the product.  On the front we also have some clear information about the product itself.


The right hand side of the packing continues the black and white theme we have seen on the front of the box.  This time with black text and white back ground.  The right hand side dedicated to displaying system requirements as-well as what is required if recording direct to a storage device or when connected to a computer.



The left hand side of the packaging inverts the colour scheme and gives some more specific technical specifications. Splitting the information like this is a great way to make things as simple as possible for the customer to understand.



The rear of the packaging combines the black and white theme, with more in depth information,  focusing directly on what the device is designed to do and what it is potentially capable of.



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