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Looking at the top of the HD PVR Rocket we see that there is one large red button, and some touch controls for microphone volume control.  The red button is far from hard to miss and is designed to be used both when recording to a USB storage device or when connected to a computer.


The front of the HD PVR Rocket we see a 3.5mm Microphone jack as well as USB port and the Hauppauge logo.  What you cannot see in this photo is that the ligher grey strip which goes completely around the device glows bright blue when in stand bye and then bright red when recording.



The rear of the HD PVR Rocket we have several ports, the far left port is a standard USB power port, commonly seen on various devices and allows for powering the device as well as transferring data.  The next port is a standard 8 pin audio and video port and the final two ports are simple HDMI connections. The HD PVR has a video pass-through feature allowing you to connect it between two HDMI connections, allowing video to pass-through and be recorded and then continue to your display device.



The final image is of the base of the HD PVR Rocket, here we have large area of holes which allows ventilation into the HD PVR Rocket. I found that the Rocket would get quite warm whilst recording, so it is a good idea to have it placed on an even flat service to allow ventilation to take place.  We also have four rubber feet in each corner of the device allowing it to stand off slightly from that flat surface.

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