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The software is designed to be an all in one experience, where you can Capture, Edit and upload all your footage to YouTube.  Whilst the focus of the review is the product itself lets take a look at the software that Hauppauge of provided.

I won’t go into much detail as far as installation which is pretty straight forward, it installs the required drivers and also requires the user to have the HD PVR Rocket connected to the computer it is going to capture too.  The first Tab we are greeted with is the Capture tab. (As seen in the screen shot below)

The software is extremely simple to use and the layout is designed to make things a simple process.  The Capture Tab gives a clear idea of what device is connected to the computer, a large record button allowing us record via the software if the Rocket itself is not within reach.  It also allows us to select the video input method as well as the audio input method.  We can also control the microphone input as well as the audio volume, we can also control the bitrate in which the video is being recorded.  The higher the bitrate the larger the file size but also the better the video recording quality.

The advanced Tab allows us to change several other settings, video scaling, audio bitrate, the contrast and brightness being recorded as well as a variety of other settings.  As most users will control these as per their needs I wont be going into any great detail regarding these settings.

Built into the Hauppauge Capture software is the ability to edit footage we have recorded using the HD PVR Rocket.  Within the software we can trim the video as needed, whether you want the entire video, or several smaller sections for additional editing in more advanced software we can this from within the Capture Software itself.  The Capture software is designed to edit only the video captured by the device connected.

As I stated earlier the Hauppauge Capture software allows us to upload our video directly to YouTube.  So let’s take a look at the YouTube tab for more information.

Uploading your captured video could not be any simpler than with the Hauppauge Capture Software, assuming you have edited the footage to your requirements, by highlighting that specific video and clicking the button at the bottom of the list we can upload directly to YouTube once you click on the button it will ask for your YouTube account details and will begin the upload to your account.

The final tab we are going to look as the settings tab, this is where we can change the destination of the video we are capturing with the HD PVR Rocket.  We can also change the screen shot folder as well as what kind of hardware acceleration we using.



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