Over the last few days, many users have taken to Reddit to share issues they have been having with their AMD Ryzen 7000X3D processors. One of the main problems some users have been experiencing is their Ryzen 7000X3D processor seemingly burning in the socket, which has been killing the CPU and the motherboard and leaving very noticeable burn marks on them.

Having not officially responded until just now, via AnandTech, AMD has released an official statement. The statement is as follows:

“We are aware of a limited number of reports online claiming that excess voltage while overclocking may have damaged the motherboard socket and pin pads. We are actively investigating the situation and are working with our ODM partners to ensure voltages applied to Ryzen 7000X3D CPUs via motherboard BIOS settings are within product specifications. Anyone whose CPU may have been impacted by this issue should contact AMD customer support.”

Users with affected Ryzen 7000X3D processors are being told to directly contact AMD customer support.

Our source is AnandTech

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