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BIOSTAR Introduces ‘Plug-and-Mine’ Solution for Crypto Mining Motherboards with ethOS USB

Certified by BIOSTAR Blockchain Technology Lab

September 25, 2017, Taipei, Taiwan – BIOSTAR continues to lead the way in Crypto Mining with an estimated installation of 1 in every 5 mining systems around the world; thanks to its comprehensive line-up of Intel and AMD dedicated mining motherboards, price-performance positioning and ease-of-use. BIOSTAR now makes it even easier for miners by partnering with ethOS to create a total-solution with its Crypto Mining series motherboards and the ethOS USB flash drive preloaded with ethOS system. With the Plug-and-Mine solution, BIOSTAR brings miners an easy-to-follow, simple to set-up package, welcoming more people to join the crypto mining community.

BIOSTAR’s Price-Performance Mining Setup with ethOS

The ethOS Mining System is one of the most straight-forward operating systems for mining ZCash, Monero, Ethereum and other GPU-minable coins. The setup is simple Plug-and-Mine, without needing a SSD. When paired with BIOSTAR mining boards, building a heavy yet stable mining rig of up to 12 GPUs can be done with ease. These have been tried and tested by both BIOSTAR and ethOS. Watch the video installation guide for easy setup:

BIOSTAR Crypto Mining Motherboards

BIOSTAR offers a wide array of crypto mining-oriented motherboards powered by the Intel B250, B85, H81, H110, as well as AMD B350 and A320 chipsets offering great stability, ease of use and high return on investment. These motherboards all support heavy mining setups using 6 to 12 GPUs. BIOSTAR’s current crypto mining line-up includes Intel based BIOSTAR TB250-BTC PRO, BIOSTAR TB250-BTC+, BIOSTAR TB250-BTC, BIOSTAR TB85, BIOSTAR H81A and BIOSTAR H110M-BTC and AMD based TB350-BTC and TA320-BTC.

BIOSTAR Blockchain Technology Lab

BIOSTAR is an expert in crypto mining and runs its own ‘Blockchain Technology Lab’ to ensure the best stability and performance from its crypto-mining series motherboards.  All BIOSTAR crypto mining motherboards have been tested and verified in this lab, along with the ethOS plug-and-mine solution.  BIOSTAR’s Blockchain Technology Lab has the ultimate crypto mining setup with its un-manned operating configuration (UOC), excellent cooling design, and automated reboot system. Watch the video BIOSTAR Blockchain Technology Lab:

BIOSTAR continues to make mining easier with the cooperation with ethOS by providing a USB flash drive with pre-loaded OS making it Plug-and-Mine. BIOSTAR also proven its motherboards and systems are well tested for superb stability with the Blockchain Technology Lab.

BIOSTAR’s Recommended Mining Solution:

  • ethOS USB (or BIOSTAR S120 SSD)
  • BIOSTAR RX 470 Graphics Cards (Expandable up to 12 Graphics Cards)
  • Dual 800W Power Supply
  • 16GB DDR4 DRAM

How to install ethOS
With the ethOS USB, miners can set up in just a few simple steps:

  • Step 1: Set up your crypto mining rig before installation *No need to set CSM Support enabled for NVIDIA graphics cards *Enable CSM Support for AMD graphics cards
  • Step 2: Enter the ethOS mining system automatically
  • Step 3: Input the specific command to turn off the remote config
  • Step 4: Set up your wallet & mining pools
  • Step 5: Reboot the system to make sure all the settings completed

With the ethos USB flash drive, users can be the first to experience the latest ethOS 1.2.5 updates, which has been thoroughly tested to ensure compatibility, stability and graphics card overclocking support when using with BIOSTAR’s crypto mining product lines. This version also includes BIOSTAR themes for all BIOSTAR motherboards.

For technical issue of ethOS USB, please contact ethOS

For more information about ethOS USB, please visit

The Plug-and-Mine promotion starts at the end of September 2017, for more details, please contact your local distributor.

Learn more about BIOSTAR Mining Motherboard:

For more information on the BIOSTAR products, see product pages here:



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