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October 12th, 2022Thermaltake, the leading PC DIY premium brand for Case, Cooling, Gaming peripherals, and enthusiast memory solutions, is glad to reveal its brand-new open frame chassis, the Core P3 TG Pro. The Core P series has long been Thermaltake’s iconic chassis design and remained the best-selling product all along. This year, to take things up a notch, we make improvements to the beloved Core P3 TG, tweaking details and making it better in every way while retaining the characteristics of the original design language. In addition, all the forthcoming components including RTX40 series graphics cards like the RTX4080 and RTX4090 are taken into consideration when developing the Core P3 TG Pro, allowing you to seamlessly upgrade your computer parts down the line without breaking a sweat and build like a pro.

The Core P3 TG Pro is one of the most unique-looking and unlike anything you can find in the market right now. Utilizing Thermaltake’s iconic open-frame design, we continue to innovate and push boundaries in pursuit of forging the perfect user experience. Kicking things off with its looks, empowered by the open frame design, the Core P3 TG pro is a killer when it comes to air intake and exhaust, in simple terms, resulting in optimal thermal performance. 3-way placement layout, including wall-mount, vertical, and horizontal placement, truly fulfils the desire for a tailor-made experience as you can fit it in any way you feel like. On top of that, space efficiency also plays an extremely crucial role. Therefore, we make things even easier for you to access and organize, turning PC-building into something you can really enjoy. To fully display all of your favourite components, we make use of 4mm tempered glass to create a panoramic viewing experience. Reinforced feet ensure the most stable stance under operation. Without a doubt, not only is it an amazing-looking chassis but a part of the room décor everybody gets to appreciate.

As for Core P3 TG Pro’s extensions, that’s when things start to get interesting. Optimized for accommodating high-end graphics cards and radiators simultaneously, running both top-tier radiators and graphics cards is no longer a hardship as we redesigned the previous motherboard layout from scratch to troubleshoot any possible hurdles beforehand. On the other hand, the additional fan bracket is included. The fan bracket can be installed on the very top of the chassis, which houses up to three 120mm fans, a 360mm radiator, a 420mm radiator, or even a distro plate, making it an ideal setup for AIO and DIY lovers. Besides, no more disastrous GPU sagging you are afraid of as we have got you covered by including a GPU holder. Speaking of which, the rotational PCI-E slots enable you to place your GPU horizontally and vertically depending on how you like to showcase your build. This thing is loaded in terms of I/O, with USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C, 2 of the USB 3.0, and an HD audio jack. On top of that, an E-ATX up to 12” x 10.5” motherboard is also compatible with the Core P3 TG Pro and supports up to 4 of the 3.5” HDDs or 5 of the 2.5” SSD.

With all that mentioned above, we have a firm belief that the Core P3 TG Pro nails all of the most imperative factors PC builders care about. If you have never built in the Core P series or you wanted a new build, experience the open frame design, aesthetics, and ease of use building in Thermaltake’s most iconic Core P series chassis, in this case, the Core P3 TG Pro.

Features of the Core P3 TG Pro:

M/B Side Layout Redesigned

With the redesigned compartment on the right of the motherboard, you can now run high-end graphics cards along with an advanced cooling system simultaneously.

Additional Fan Bracket

The Additional Fan Bracket allows you to install three 120mm/140mm fans, a 360mm/420mm radiator, or a distro plate, which unleashes all the possibilities for your cooling systems.

Three-Way Placement Layout

The Core P3 TG Pro can be oriented in 3 different ways: wall-mounted, vertical, and horizontally placed, which is built to showcase your personality with exceptional versatility for you to explore.

4mm Thick Tempered Glass Window with Stunning Views

Through the crystal clear 4mm tempered glass on the Core P3 TG Pro, you get to behold the craftsmanship put into your build from top to bottom. It is also ridiculously robust, so you don’t need to worry about its durability.


Rotational PCI-E Slots

It is your call to install your graphics card horizontally or vertically now with the rotational PCI-E slots. On top of that, an attached GPU holder will prevent your graphics cards from horrible GPU sagging.


Redesigned Feet

The Core P3 TG Pro features redesigned feet to ensure stability without compromising the looks of the chassis.

Handy I/O Ports

Two USB 3.0 and one USB 3.2 (Gen 2) Type C ports are placed at the front panel to grant direct access when needed.

Storage Compatibility

For storage compatibility, the Core P3 TG Pro supports up to 3.5” HDD x 4 or 2.5” SSD x 5.

DMD – Dismantlable Modular Design

The Core P3 TG Pro enables users to freely build the system from the ground up with the given modular panels, racks, brackets, and pre-designed mounting arrays. No more unreachable screw corners or gaps and enjoy installation with a breeze with our Dismantlable Modular Design.

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Core P3 TG Pro Videos:

Thermaltake Chassis – Core P3 TG Pro – Product Look

Thermaltake New Open Frame Chassis – Core P3 TG Pro System Setup

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