AMD has released a tweet this morning stating that they will fix the frame issues many users have with their multi-GPU setups involving microstuttering. The fix will come in the form of a new Catalyst driver.

Many users who run CrossFire setups (either between multiple dedicated graphics cards, or between an APU and a dedicated graphics card) have been having issues with microstutter in games. Despite an increase in frames per second due to an increase in brute graphics power, the point at which each frame is sent to the monitor will often come out of sync between the two GPUs meaning there will be a brief delay in the receiving of frames, this delay is microstutter and it can ruin the overall performance and therefore experience of the game.

AMD claims that this new driver will help to reduce this microstutter and improve the overall experience when utilising a CrossFire setup by using something called “frame pacing”, this should help equalize the flow of frames resulting in a slight reduction in frames per second but will help reduce microstutter massively. The driver is due to be released on July 31st.

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