With us at Play3r having previously reviewed a couple of Attitude Ones products including their gaming surfaces and more recently, their Tunguska headsets (which won our performance award),  I was excited to see their latest foray into the world of gaming. Attitude One were founded in 2011 and hail from the USA, they might seem young on paper but have many years of experience in the industry.  With a lot of premier gaming brands currently on the market, how do their products compete with the likes of CM Storm or QPAD? Today I have their latest gaming mouse, the Vintorez, how does it perform? Well let’s find out, starting with the specifications…

Resolution: 400/1200/2000/3200dpi Ergonomic ambidextrous design Fully programmable keys Customizable LED light system 1.8m braided cable

With all the Attitude One packaging we have had sent to us, the Vintorez comes in a very distinctive and recognisable bright orange box.  The packaging is simple, yet effective and has an illustration of the mouse itself, with the model number and brand.

The box has a flap which is held together by a Velcro tab.  Upon opening it we are greeted with the Vintorez in all its glory.  The viewing window is always a nice addition to packaging as potential customers can see the mouse without opening the box.

On the rear of the box, we have the specifications in 9 different languages, all European I might add.  Sounds silly but including Chinese would have been a nice touch as it is the most universally spoken language in the world, other than that the packing in my opinion is great, minimalistic but stands out well.

Taking a look at the Vintorez in more depth, it has a nice smooth black finish, which looks good in my opinion.  It also has 9 programmable buttons in total including the middle mouse button; more detail on this later on in the review.  The mouse itself has built in LED lights which on a gaming mouse, is very common these days.

Side on, we can get a rough idea of the shape, and having held this in my hand, it is quite comfortable (I have big hands, we will say no more about that!) This means it would be suitable for those gamers with big hands – obviously it is still suitable for gamers with small hands, but it’s always nice to point it out!

The Vintorez is technically suitable for those right handed gamers/users but I have to point out that the thumb buttons are located on the left side, thus rendering them pointless for left handed users should they wish to use this mouse and this is something we’d like to see improved in the future.

On the flip side of the Vintorez, we can see the sensor which is optical, and although it would have been better in my opinion if it was laser, this will bring the overall cost down.

The Vintorez illuminates due to the built in LED’s and pulses, in a breathing like fashion, the LED’s used are vibrant and colourful and add a very nice ambient while gaming in the dark, I like it. I have also illustrated below some of the different LED colours available.

The software comes on the way of a disc, which I might add is a mini disc.  Installation of the driver was smooth and easy, just like any other programme or driver available. Here I have illustrated the 3 main menu screens where you can customize the Attitude One Vintorez, which makes this mouse even more versatile and extends its use beyond just gaming.

The software itself is very easy to navigate around and does a superb job in my opinion.  Very easy to use and even the most in-experienced user would manage to figure it out.  The profiles are saved via software and not directly onto the mouse like some other gaming mice, which is slightly disappointing. Now it’s time to see how this bad boy performs…

To test how well this mouse feels and performs, I will be using a couple of games which I feel will test the versatility of the Vintorez.  I will also put it through its paces in web browsing and general use. To start off, I picked my current game of choice which is DOTA 2.  With it being a fast paced game and with 1 wrong click usually ending in death, I thought this would be a good showcase of the Vintorez’s accuracy.  I went into the software to change one of the profiles to fit my needs.  This included mapping a couple of the mouse buttons to different abilities.

In game the mouse was quite comfortable but my hand did have the tendency to slide off a little bit, I found this annoying especially when I was being ganked (term for being destroyed).  This is due to the very smooth surface and lack of grip which I’m quite bewildered by, but nevertheless I carried on my conquest.  While playing I tried out a couple of the different DPI settings and was happy with what was on offer.  The mouse is very accurate and the mouse clicks respond well.  Other than my hand sliding off of the mouse feeling slightly uncomfortable, my overall experience in DOTA2 was a good one. Moving on to a different genre, I decided to try the Vintorez out with some FPS action, yes it’s that marmite game Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

Whether you love it or hate it, I am quite partial to a bit of noob killing, so thought this would be a good choice.  Again I went into the software to select a profile which suited my needs, different from the DOTA2 profile I made earlier.  When it came to shooting, the mouse was quite accurate and the clicks responsive but again my hand had a tendency to come off the mouse due to the smooth surface.  There doesn’t seem to be any grip at all, well at least for my hands.

For browsing the thumb buttons worked very well in moving between web pages but I found the grip to be an issue again.  It seems to be a re-occuring problem, not sure if its my hands or the mouse but it starting to become tiresome, although when I have a grip of the mouse, it is very very good!

So now it’s time for my thoughts on the Vintorez, is it a good performer or did it fall short of its gaming moniker? Well starting with the aesthetics, the mouse does look stunning in my opinion.  It feels well made and I have no worries that chunks of the mouse are going to fall off during gaming, other than it falling out of my hand!, which is the main problem of this mouse, the grip is lacking.

The LED lights are a very nice touch but could be considered too flashy for some people. In terms of gaming performance, this mouse performs very strongly and was very accurate.  I had no issues with mouse clicks and had a very pleasant experience.  The DPI switching is very handy in different gaming scenarios, especially if you’re in a FPS game and want to quickly switch between all out sub machine gun fury and stable sniper mode.  The mouse glided over my Akasa Venom mouse mat with ease and I had no problems with friction, which was another plus point.

The software that comes with the Vintorez is a great compliment to a great mouse and I feel that although this is Attitude Ones first official gaming mouse, there is a lot more to come from this wonderful, young and vibrant company.  Is adjustable weights and grip too much to ask? Who knows but the Vintorez is a cracking mouse and coming in at just under £25, you get a lot of mouse for your money.

Attitude One have a serious contender here and more than deserves the value award. Thanks to Attitude One for sending me a Vintorez, it has been a pleasure and look forward to seeing more of their products in the future.

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