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Manufacturer: Zowie 
Model: FK1
Price: £49.99 @Overclockers UK

Zowie are a fairly young company still, having only set up in 2008. They aren’t trying to shift Razer level volume either, they state explicitly that they do not wish to be the biggest peripheral manufacturer; so what is their goal? Perfection is what they claim it to be, and if the hype of consumers and professional gamers alike is to believed they are getting pretty damn close.

As a privately held company they claim they are all about the product rather than pleasing shareholders with good numbers, and it shows because they don’t crap out 9 million dpi laser mice with flashing lights; they put out exactly what the elite gamers and enthusiasts want, dependable mice with the best sensors on the market.

That brings us on to the subject of today’s review, the FK1. The FK1 is a response to customer feedback that they wanted a slightly larger FK style body, and also that they wanted a mouse that featured an Avago 3310 optical sensor. So already Zowie are giving the people what they asked for, but that doesn’t automatically mean they’re on to a winner; which is why we are here to test it today.


More about Zowie: 

ZOWIE GEAR is an innovative manufacturer of competitive gaming gear, founded late 2008 with a mission to develop the best competitive gaming gear available.

We are not limited by shareholders telling us what we can or cannot do. We are a free-minded company consisting of experienced and creative individuals, united in ZOWIE on a common ground; our passion for gaming. No boundaries. No compromises. Just gaming.

ZOWIE GEAR has no ambition to become the biggest manufacturer of competitive gaming gear. We just want to be the best. If we can develop products that will increase a gamers performance by just 1%, we will do it. This is our mentality. It’s not just a game. This is ZOWIE GEAR. Strive for Perfection.


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