If you had told me after the release of the iPhone 5 and 5s that Apple would sell 10 million iPhone 6’s in 72 hours and that they’d set a new record for the most number of Mac’s sold in a quarter, I’d have probably laughed at you. However in the last quarter especially it seems that Apple is beginning to fight back towards Steve Job’s levels of domination as it has seen the release of the iPhone 6 and 6+, and much more recently the release of the new iPad and iPad Mini.

With iPhone sales seemingly higher than ever as people flock in to upgrade to Apple’s new models, a simple refresh and price drop for it’s Mac line has seen sales hit their highest in the lines 19 year history. “We established an all-time quarterly record for Mac sales with revenue growing 18% year-over-year, thanks in particular to the very strong performance of our portables” said Tim Cook in his Q4 Earnings Conference Call, before going on to say “we are especially proud of our Mac results considering the overall contraction of the global PC market this year and we achieved our highest quarterly market share since 1995”. And a lot of Mac’s it was too, 5.5 million of them in fact, a hugely impressive number especially when you consider that the PC market is shrinking, as Cook was keen to point out.

iPhone sales aren’t just seemingly higher than ever either, Cook pointed out that Apple have had their strongest growth in seven quarters and that Apple has never had a higher amount of revenue come in for the September Quarter, and this was down largely due to a huge number iPhone sales saying “We generated our strongest revenue growth rate in seven quarters far surpassing our expectations we communicated in July and establishing a new record for Apple’s September quarter revenue. We’re also reporting gross margin of 38% compared to 37% last year, leading to a very strong EPS growth of 20%. Fueled by the launch of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and strong demand for our previous iPhone models, we set a new September quarter record for iPhone with revenue growth of 21% year-over-year. Demand for iPhone was strong across all geographies with global unit sell-through growth of 26% and we exited the quarter with significant backlog for both iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.”

Personally I think after seeing the huge sales for the new iPhone and this quarters Mac sales, and now the impressive looking release of the new iPad, that Apple may be getting back on the ball.

What do you think? Have you bought any of Apple’s new products? And are you at all surprised by the sheer volume of units they’ve sold? Let us know.

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