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It isn’t often these days that a company focuses all of its energy, research and of course budget into one field of products, but they do exist and SanDisk are a very good example.  With a specialisation in storage technology, they have been at the forefront of flash memory for decades and only last year, they had their 25th anniversary as a company; 25 years is an achievement!  So who actually are SanDisk?  Well for those who aren’t familiar with this American based/born company, they hail from Milpitas, California and serve the global market with their innovation in NAND technology.  If you are in any doubt of the quality of their products, quite a large amount of professional photographers swear by SanDisk as their brand of choice which isn’t just a signature of quality but probably the best endorsement that you can get.  Another attribute to look at is the $1.04 billion made last year which is a testament to their quality, marketing efforts and of course the products themselves.

So now we have the introduction out of the way, today I will be taking a look at one of their solid state drives (SSD) which is actually from their premium drive range, the 480GB Extreme Pro.  This particular drive comes in 3 flavours (240/480/960GB) and features a SATA3 (6GB/s) supported interface, the revolutionary nCache Pro Technology and comes with a whopping 10 year warranty; one of the best if not the best on the market for consumer level SSDs.  It looks to be an interesting review as not only is this the first SanDisk product that has been on test here at Play3r, but it’s their premium product which surprisingly doesn’t cost the earth so without further ado, let’s take a look at the specifications…


What SanDisk has to say about their Extreme PRO SSDs:

Pro-Level Performance for Multimedia, Gaming and More

The SanDisk Extreme Pro SSD is designed to give power gamers, developers and media professionals pro-level performance in the most demanding situations. nCache Pro Technology delivers sustainable performance with super-fast read and write speeds as well as long drive life. The SanDisk Extreme Pro SSD1 is the ideal choice for demanding professionals and enthusiasts who need ultra-fast results and effective multitasking for resource-intensive games and applications.

Designed to Keep Your Data Safe

Housed in a durable aluminium case, the SanDisk Extreme Pro SSD has been engineered to resist shocks and vibrations, preserve the integrity of your data and prevent data loss. Dynamic and static wear levelling help extend the life of the drive, while over-provisioning and over-clocking ensure consistent performance even under the heaviest workloads. Other features include bad block management, which prevents uncorrectable memory errors and thermal throttling, which protects critical drive components against extreme temperatures.


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