Aqua Computer have been cooling specialists for years now always pushing the boundary’s of what can be cooled and how it can be cooled.

Their latest products the KryoM.2 Micro and KryoM.2 Evo certainly fit into the companies ethos of cooling anything that can be cooled. You may wonder what the differences are between the two products, well its pretty simple. The Micro is designed for a bare M.2 SSD that will be mounted into an on board M.2 Slot, while the Evo is also designed for a bare M.2 SSD this one will me mounted within Aqua Computers own PCIe X4 M.2 adapter with a much bigger heat sink and LED illumination.

Both of these items will be shipping very soon along side their current KryoM.2 and with a prospective RRP of €9.90 for the KryoM.2 Micro and €34.90 for the KryoM.2 Evo. We think these prices are certainly very appealing and look forward to maybe getting one in to test at some point.

Let us know your thoughts on these new Aqua Computer releases below.

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