ARM chip makers TSMC and GlobalFoundries have announced that they plan to release ARM processors running at 3GHz some time in 2014. Just like the computer market where users constantly desire faster and more efficient components, the mobile industry is exactly the same. Millions of phones and tablets use these CPUs today and they will be a part of the new generation of SoC (System-On-Chip) platforms.

In order to get the new chips running at these speeds, a 20nm fabrication process will be used to create these new ARM processors. The current generation is built upon a 28nm process. With the smaller fabrication process being used, it should mean that they will be able to be more efficient, use less power and allow the battery in said device to last longer.

ARM chips are a type of RISC processor which is licensed by ARM Inc. They’re used in almost everything you can imagine, ranging from mobile phones, TVs and many other products today. The average clock speed is roughly 1.6GHz, and can be found in the Samsung Galaxy S4. The fastest chip available is running at 2.3GHz but they aren’t very common. As with everything, and as said before, we as a human race always want faster and better which is going to drive the chip makers to make these chips faster and more power efficient than ever before. Faster processors in mobile devices allow for developers to come up with better and more advanced applications which will make the experience even more enjoyable when you use your phone or tablet.

Faster ARM CPUs may be down to them having to compete with Intels latest Bay Trail chips being released which are roughly 30% faster than the current generation ARM chips. AMD are also said to release a variant next year some time. Hopefully the competition will allow for the creators to push the chips harder and faster.


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