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Oculus Rift” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by theglobalpanorama

Video games are becoming more and more immersive all the time. But whether you’re playing on PC, console or portable device, there’s always bits of tech out there to make the experience even better. We check out 11 great pieces of kit to make your favorite games even more exciting.

Secretlab Titan

The gamer chair that stands out above all others. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing on PC or consoles, this chair provides enhanced comfort especially for those that enjoy hours in front of their favorite game. The tall backrest is great for supporting your back and maintaining a good posture while the large seatbase and adjustable lumbar support are welcome additions. The leather finish adds finesse to the chair while the cold-cure foam will mould to your body for extra comfort.

Logitech Flight System

This is the sort of tech every budding pilot needs. Not only does the system – which includes two joysticks and a foot pedal – have the perfect look to turn your room into a bona fide flight simulator but its Force Feedback functionality provides further immersion as g-forces, wind shear and turbulence are channelled through the system for the player to experience.

Cyborg M.M.O.7.

A brilliant gaming mouse, the Cyborg looks like something out of a Transformers movie, and features a wide range of programmable buttons plus a 5D button to access commands via your thumb quickly. The backlit hardware also looks really cool.

Betron DC950 Headphones

When it comes to robust, immersive sound with the simplicity of in-ear headphones and a very affordable price, the Betron DC950 are definitely some of best gaming earbuds. Boasting a gold-plated 3.5mm plug and tangle-free cable, the DC950s deliver detailed sound while generating good bass levels courtesy of the in-built 11.5mm neodymium driver units. There’s also a built-in microphone which is great for multi-player thrills.

Oculus Rift

For that ultimate in game-playing immersion, check out VR’s leader – Oculus Rift. VR is growing every year as a result of improving VR experiences. With HTC Vive and PlayStation VR adding competition to the market, there’s even more choice while prices are becoming more affordable. What’s great about the Oculus Rift, and the reason we’d recommend it, is you have access to the Oculus Store where there’s a library of VR experiences. While not as technically competent as the newer HTC Vive, it won’t cost as much and its Touch controllers are better than Vive’s alternatives.

C-Force Portable HD Monitor

Gaming on the go? Well, look no further than the C-Force Portable HD monitor. Weighing just 350 grams and coming complete with a 3.5mm headphone jack in addition to its own speakers, the C-Force offers gamers the chance to play on a 15.6-inch screen. Suited to Nintendo Switch, laptops with USB-C and smartphones, the adjustable brightness will allow you to play in a day-lit café or under the cover of darkness at night.

Thrustmaster Ferrari Wireless GT F430 Cockpit

Get inside the Ferrari 430 Scuderia without leaving the comfort of your living room. The Thrustmaster Ferrari Wireless GT F430 Cockpit looks great with its branded reds alongside a base unit with two pedals and an authentic-looking steering wheel. Fully programmable, it’s a unit you can make your own while turning high-speed gaming into a more immersive and fun experience.

Optoma PT105 Gaming LED Projector

Bring out the qualities of gaming with a bigger screen. The Optoma is an ideal choice with its bright, 75 lumens display enabling you to hook up your PC or console to project an image up to 60-inches on your wall or projector screen. The device supports VGA, HDMI and composite inputs meaning you could also use it to watch movies.

Peregrine Gaming Glove

A fun device, the Peregrine gaming glove has 18 programmable touch points and three activator pads meaning you’re in control via the movement of your fingers such as tapping or hand gestures. Ideally made of washable material so you can be rest assured you’re not going to be left with a sweaty, smelly post-gaming piece of clothing, the Peregrine, says its developers, gives players as much as a 20% increase in player actions per minute after you’ve grown accustomed to its capability.

Razer Naga Trinity

Razer has, for a long time, been one of the leaders in gaming accessories. It comes as little surprise Razer developed the Naga Trinity, one of the leading gaming mice on the market. Built to be flexible to need, the mouse features different side plates ranging from two to 12 to adapt to different games while its smart design will appeal to the image-conscious.

Inkling Boy Amiibo by Dudi DudewitzInkling Boy Amiibo” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by dudi_dudewitz

Venom Power Pack

The Venom Power Pack and Stand is perfect for Nintendo Switch players who need to extend the battery life of their hybrid console. Clipping onto the Switch’s body, the Venom provides a 10,000mAh boost in battery life while its stand provides a more sturdy tabletop gaming experience than the Switch’s built-in alternative.

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