Free Wi-Fi For All of Europe By 2020? Because Jean-Claude Says so...

According to the Dailydot, the Jean-Claude Juncker is planning on bringing free high-speed internet to countries part of the European Union by 2020. Although this sounds absurdly too good to be true, the European commission plans to set aside around 120 million Euros to pay for the infrastructure and framework to be put into place.

This is fine for city dwellers or those in highly built up areas, but what about rural Europe which consistently gets left behind in the technology race. European officials have also said that all member countries will have to “fully deploy” 5G with minimum speeds of 100Mbps by the year 2025. My main question is, who foots the bill for this? Of course, due to Brexit, the United Kingdom will no longer be a member of the European Union by the time the roll out of free Wi-Fi is planned, but one can only think that the EU could word this a little better given the current state of the continents internet capabilities compared to other world countries.

Do you think the EU will succeed with this plan? Let us know in the comments below!

SOURCEThe Daily Dot
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