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How to Setup a Twitch Stream for Online Slots

How to Setup a Twitch Stream for Online Slots

Live streaming site Twitch is incredibly popular and in August 2019, it was averaging 1,342,559 million concurrent visitors, who tuned in to watch a total of 999 million hours of content in the month. While many of these streamers are streaming video games such as Fortnite, League of Legends, and World of Warcraft, games such as poker, blackjack and slots have grown in popularity too. Viewers also enjoy watching random outcome streams such as loot box and card pack openings.

Being a streamer can be lucrative, as companies will sometimes pay to sponsor a stream. It can also be great to find new friends and become part of a community, but if you’d like to become an online slot streamer, there are a few things you’ll need to do first.

Choose a Casino Before You Play

The first thing that any streamer of online slots should do is choose which online casino they are going to play at. Some of the online casinos in the UK offer thousands of slot games from popular slot game developers such as Microgaming and Playtech. There are also different offers and welcome bonuses to choose from, giving you free spins, money to play with and more.

Your viewers probably won’t have much fun if they have to sit around and watch you go through menus and compare the bonuses of different casinos. They’re watching to see the reels on the slots go round and to see if you win, so choose all of that before you start streaming.

Test Your Stream

When watching broadcast TV, you may have seen a message that says we’ll be back shortly where the broadcast has cut out. You may have also seen interviews where one side of the conversation can’t hear the other person. Few people would say that these moments of technical issues are entertainment and that’s no different when you stream on Twitch.

Test all of the parts of your stream before you start streaming. Make sure that your microphone and camera work and that your devices, from your mouse and keyboard to your monitor and mouse mat all work as they should and are comfortable to use.

Setup Some Games for Viewers to Play

While your viewers may be tuning in to see you play online slot games, you can make your streams more entertaining by setting up games for them to play. You can use Twitch chat to host giveaways or competitions where they try to win a message from you on social media. There are also a few gambling style games that you can host on Twitch, such as roulette. In these Twitch roulette games, viewers try to win loyalty points which can then be spent on merchandise.

Being a Twitch streamer is about more than just finding something to stream and then streaming it. Your viewers are there for entertainment and by offering that, you can turn this into something successful.

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