Intel Core i7 7700K Runs 30°C Cooler When Delidded

Over on the Anandtech Forums, a user by the name of RichUK has managed to get his hands on an early release retail sample of Intel’s upcoming Kabylake processors; the Intel Core i7 7700K. Like most 1150/1151 processors, Intel has been using what appears to be ‘cheapened’ thermal paste between the DIE and the IHS. This has caused an increase in temperatures.

RichUK has gone the ‘delidded’ route and has posted his findings which include a massive 30°C reduction in temperatures. Using Coollabratory Liquid Ultra thermal compound, this allowed RichUK to run 5GHz at around 1.34v netting a maximum core temperature of 66°C; 33°C lower before delidding. This was done using Prime95 which is essentially a stress testing application.

Of course, speculation has been rife throughout the overclocking community and with a number of samples having hit 5GHz relatively easily, it will be interesting to see the yields of the Intel Core i7 7700K under sub-ambient cooling. I will be doing a Kabylake extreme overclocking session with LN2 not long after launch, so make sure you check out on social media when this is going to happen; fun times!

For more information about this article, you can head over to the source on the Anandtech forums here –

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