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If you’re a fan of technology and you’ve had your ear to the ground for the last few months, you’ll have no doubt heard the rumblings about bitcoin. After breaking the $10,000 mark on November 29, 2017, those that weren’t talking about bitcoin previously have been forced to at least acknowledge it. After posting a 900% return on investments since the start of the year, the financial experts are now considering how high the currency can fly both in terms of status and value.

Regardless of any fluctuations in the financial markets, it’s becoming ever more apparent that bitcoin is now a mainstream phenomenon. Although it might not be poised to become the currency of choice for the average consumer just yet, it is more popular than ever and that’s reignited the debate surrounding its place in the gaming world. Back in 2014 when a select number of gaming companies started to experiment with bitcoin, it wasn’t clear how far things would go. Now, given its rapid rise in the financial markets, there’s every chance bitcoin could become a staple currency for online gamers. Indeed, if you enjoy titles such as World of Warplanes or EverdreamSoft’s Spells of Genesis, you’ll have already experienced the bitcoin/gaming crossover.

Tools of the Trade

However, if we look towards the future, games of all shapes and sizes could be influenced by bitcoin. Whether it’s the purchasing of in-game credits or developers find ways to use the processing protocols of the blockchain, every aspect of the industry could be adapted and enhanced by bitcoin. So, if that’s the case, what should you do to prepare? The first thing you should do is to try and understand the technology itself. Using a resource like will help you understand the basics and learn about some of the fundamental tools you need such as bitcoin wallets, how to buy bitcoins and how to stay safe.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to load up on bitcoin. There are plenty of resources out there to help you find a bitcoin exchange. From Europe and the US to South America, you can convert your native currency into a bitcoin online. From here, you can send your funds to a wallet and you’re almost good to go.

Merging Bitcoin and Gaming

Finally, once you understand the industry and some credit, you need to seek out the best games with a bitcoin tinge. As we’ve noted,’s games have a base in the bitcoin world, but beyond this you can use the cryptocurrency to make Xbox Live purchases. Because Microsoft has embraced bitcoin, you can log in to your account, use the “redeem” option and fill your wallet. From here, you can use the funds to buy in-game credits for all the leading Microsoft games.

With cryptocurrency now becoming an accepted form of in-game currency, the industry has started to evolve thanks to companies such as Game Credits. Using the same blockchain technology that powers bitcoin, this gaming company has created its own cryptocurrency. Known as GAME, this currency can be bought, sold and used in a variety of games. Although the company has only just come into being, its product can be integrated into a variety of desktop, console and mobile platforms. This means that players now have a way to pay for in-game upgrades and features using a non-standard currency.

Beyond the games themselves, retailers are starting to accept BTC in exchange for games. Although these outlets are still few and far between, it is possible. Whether you’re on the hype train or not, it looks as though bitcoin is starting to make headway in the gaming industry. For those that don’t want to get left beyond, the tips and tools in this article should give you a leg-up as the Bitcoin Express prepares to depart from platform one.

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