MSI VR ONE – Hands On Test in Manchester, UK 5

Considering the magnitude & importance of the product being launched here, one could be forgiven for expecting its first public outing of being an affair where thousands were in attendance, and long queueing was required to even get a glimpse, let alone demo it.

Well, that ain’t how MSI decided to roll this time. A Thursday afternoon, in the upstairs gaming area of the Game store in the Trafford Centre, is where we got to see the MSI VR ONE in action.

MSI VR ONE Backpacks

The scene almost resembled a secret gig by your favourite band, where only the select few get to witness a unique performance. There was no big fanfare of publicity, just a handful of social media posts pointing towards the event…and even those were posted on the day in question. In fact, Play3r was the only media company invited to the event to cover proceedings.


The lucky few that were in attendance were treated to snacks & refreshments, whilst they waited for their turn on the all in one, VR-ready, PC in a backpack. MSI notebooks were also on hand for a little Trackmania time-trial competition to add to the activities, as well as a Rocket League mini-tournament…all resulting in MSI goodies and Game vouchers for the winners.

MSI VR ONE DAY Rocket League

The main attraction, though, was the MSI VR ONE, the world’s lightest and thinnest backpack PC system. Many have discussed it, but MSI has made it happen…and this isn’t just a proof a concept…it’s retail ready! In fact, a family that had a go on the day, placed an order and paid their cash there & then on the day. The fact that the parents and kids all had a go, and decided to buy there & then, speaks volumes for the fact that the VR backpack is here, and ready for public consumption.


A detailed review of the product will follow, but for now, all the technical specs can be found on MSI’s dedicated VR ONE website here

Thanks to MSI for the invite to this unique little event.

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