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PLAY Expo in Manchester, one of the largest video game expo’s in the UK is now less then a week away, and as we here at Play3r are attending, we thought we might share with you some of the upcoming happenings, which we are looking forward to.

Over the weekend, there are going to be many panels running, and one of which myself and my camera man are looking forward to is the 20th Anniversary of GoldenEye from the Nintendo 64. Originally released in August 1997, over 2 years after the movie’s release, it is still ranked as one of the greatest First-Person Shooters (FPS) of all time.

The panel will be hosted by Paul Drury and Martyn Carroll of Retro Gamer magazine, along with 5 of the original 9 members of Rareware, the studio responsible for the this amazing, now cult classic game.

PLAY Expo will also be hosting many Indie Devs from across the world, showcasing their latest games, ready for you to try, play, and get a one on one audience with the devs, so you can chat away and ask questions.

One such game appearing at Play Expo is Tetra, developed by OceanSpark Studios. This is a role-playing game in a fantasy world of The Forgotten Isles. The game world is actually based on the periodic table, which the game forms its self around, making the world ever-changing, and reactive.

If you fancy giving yourself a challenge while at the Expo, then you better head over to the Escape rooms. This year there are 3 at the event, all crafted by Breakout Manchester. You have 30 minutes to escape using only your brain, and clues dotted around the rooms.
If you want to get involved however, I would suggest hurrying up, as these do book up very fast. Each session can have a team of 6 people. Head over here for more information and booking.

If you’re looking for more hands on gaming, well you’re in luck. This years event has grown to include over 100 pinball machines, close to 500 retro gaming consoles, over 120 arcade machines, and countless tabletop games that you can jump on and play. As well as just jumping on and having a play. There are also competitions being run throughout the weekend with big prizes to be won!

That’s a lot to get though…

Speaking of prizes and tournaments… this year there is differently no shortage of those. Ranging from SuperSmash Bros, to Street Fighter V, to the smaller ones being held throughout the expo. If you class yourself as a bit of a pro, you might be up for winning some really cool prizes. From goodies and loot, to a share of £500 in the larger ones.

For more info, and signup information, click here.

So that’s a quick run down of just a few of the things we here at Play3r are looking forward to at PLAY Expo this year. And we didn’t even mention the LAN Gaming, Minecraft Zone, the Cosplay, Next-Gen Zone, Shopping, Photo Shoots, Virtual Reality, Special Guests, Communities, and Education.

So if you want to check them out, or keep up-to date with the latest news, head over to

If you’re planning on attending, let us know and if you see myself and my camera man, feel free to say hello!

See you at the Expo!

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