AMD Ryzen

Are you looking to pre order a new Ryzen CPU and Motherboard bundle? If so make sure you check out, they have recently put 5 bundles on their website which include a pre OCed CPU, motherboard, RAM and a suitable cooler.

Prices range from £1019.99 down to £579.98. The top spec bundle will include an AMD 1800x overclocked to 4.2 GHz, Asus X370 Crosshair, 16 GB Corsair DDR4 and a Corsair H100i. Going down to the bottom of the bundle price list will see you get an AMD 1700 overclocked to 3.8 GHz, Asus B350-Plus, 8GB Corsair DDR4 and a be quiet! Dark Rock cooler.

The lowest price bundle is at present the only one to use an air cooler, all the other bundles come with a Corsair H100i closed loop water cooler to keep temperatures in check. As always with Scan these bundles are backed up with a top quality warranty from Scan and this case they have given the bundles their 3 Year Premium Warranty.

If you’re looking for a plug and play pre overclocked Ryzen kit these bundles from Scan are definitely worth considering, taking the need out of having to worry about choosing the right components also makes these bundles a good buy if you’re not wanting to spend many hours researching components and their compatibility.

Let us know your thoughts on the Scan pre-overclocked bundles below

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