Quantum Break was one of the flagship Xbox One and Windows 10 Store exclusive titles. Published by Microsoft themselves. A groundbreaking game that just couldn’t be ported from the clutches of UWP. We were told, it needed Windows 10 technology. Well, that’s all in the past with a new Steam version scheduled for 14th September. Just as exciting is that Windows 7 and DirectX11 will be officially supported.

Microsoft’s position on PC gaming with the release of windows 10 was that it was a priority again, but only on the Windows Store. Games were locked behind their new UWP system. This blocked most graphical controls such a V-sync and overlays as well as all modding. Games ran worse and there was no way to fix them, and official patches few and far between. Remedy has also stated that the Windows Store version is unlikely to ever be patched again, leaving numerous unresolved issues.

It all feels like Games For Windows Live, a previous attempt to take the PC gaming market, which is now littered with broken, unpatched games and no way to access previously bought content. Or Plays4sure which offered music using Microsoft supported DRM which has now gone, taking purchases with it, or XNA abandoned with windows 8.

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