Razer Announce Their Own VR Headset! 1

It seems all the technology companies are throwing their hats into the ring as far as VR goes, most trying their hand at VR. Razer seem to be the latest with their┬áHDK2 headset which is an open sources head-mounted headset, with visuals of up to 2160×1200 dual-display which is 1080×1200 per eye and running 90fps which means it’s meant for real immersion. Personally speaking I am a huge fan of VR and every company that goes in for their own version is exciting and creates competition which allows the technology to thrive.


Razer are not the kind of guys I’ll personally be going for with VR, sure they make good mice, keyboards and headsets, but I want something that can be trusted completely on Steam. It does say however it supports a wide range of content which includes OSVR and SteamVR so maybe it can be trusted, but to me HTC Vive seems to be the king right now.


If you wish to find out more about the Razer HDK2 VR Headset check out the link here and see what exciting things they are doing with it!

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