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Razer have been on top form recently producing some great accessories and laptops, they have now announced a new bit of kit aimed at making their Razer Blade Stealth much more productive. In fact the New Razer Power Bank will work with any USB-C charging laptop or any other USB charging gadget you may have, however Razer have said if you couple this new Razer Power Bank with their Stealth Laptop you can have over 15 hours of usage away from a power socket.

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Offering Dual USB-A ports and a single USB-C port the Razer Power Bank will enable you to keep up to 3 devices topped up all at the same time. Furthermore unlike most power packs the Razer Power Pack is “smart” and is able to decide what kind of device it is charging, this enable some devices to be charged at up to 4 times the speed of conventional chargers.

Now down to the specs of this little device, Measuring in a 126x78x23mm the small CNCd aluminium box is of similar size to a normal external HDD  and weighs in 335g. Its quite surprising that Razer have managed to squeeze a whopping 12,800mAh of intelligent charging into this little box of tricks.

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With pricing set to be $149.99 / £144.99 this is far from the cheapest power bank on the market, but then it does offer a lot more than your normal power bank. We definitely look forward to getting one to review and put through its paces.

Let us know your thoughts on the Razer Power Bank below.

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