This is an exam on networking fundamentals that is offered by Microsoft. It tests the skills of a candidate on IP addressing, wireless networking, OSI model, local area and wide area networks, switches and routers. This 98-366 certification test is similar to the CompTIA Network + exam. Passing the Microsoft exam will enable you to get the MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate) credential. This is an entry-level certificate for the individuals pursuing a career in technology and a prerequisite for those who wish to pursue the MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) certification.

Exam Details

The 98-366 exam has about 30-50 questions and the number of questions may change without any notice because Microsoft does not share this type of information. The questions are designed in multiple-choice formats and the passing score is 70% but it could be more or less. You are required to complete this certification test within 50 minutes.

Exam Objectives

The objectives of the exam will guide you on the topics to focus on when preparing for this test. Here are the objectives for the 98-366 exam:

  • Planning and Implementing Server Roles and Server Security
  • Understanding Network Infrastructures
  • Understanding Network Hardware
  • Understanding Protocols and Services

Recommended Study Resources

When preparing for the exam, you need to exhaust all resources that are relevant to it. Here are study resources recommended for the 98-366 test:

  • Microsoft Video Academy: This is a series that gives you introductory information concerning the course but does not cover in-depth information concerning the questions.
  • Networking Essentials Wiki: This wiki has links to papers that are more detailed; though, they are mostly reference materials and not teaching materials.

Recommended Exam Books

Books are exam preparation essentials and you need to read them to attain the passing score. Here are recommended books for the 98-366 exam:

  • Exam 98-366: MTA Networking Fundamentals: This book has test questions at the end of each section and you should get an accompanying PDF from your publisher for the answers to the questions.
  • MTA Exam 98-366 & 367: Networking Fundamentals & Security Fundamentals Study Notes & Review Questions: This book offers you supplementary study materials and contains notes and study questions to use for your exam preparation. Although it is not detailed as such, you can use it together with other resources.

Best Exam Websites

Online resources for the exam are available and you need to take advantage of them. Here are the best websites for the 98-366 exam:

  • This is Microsoft’s official test provider and you can visit this platform for additional learning tools. It offers you a lab for your hands-on practice which contains networking tools. You can also purchase study questions from the site.
  • uCertify: With this website, you will get a lot of video courses that are more detailed than the ones offered by Microsoft; moreover, you will be given quizzes and flashcards after each video. There is also a bundle of tests which you can buy.

Exam Tips

You can take this Microsoft exam easily with adequate preparation and mastery of the concepts. Here are tips for passing the 98-366 exam:

  • Review the entire course

The concepts that are taught in the course are relevant to your in-depth understanding of networking protocols. You need to ensure that you complete the course before you begin revising. Your goal is not only to pass the exam, but also to be able to understand these concepts when they arise in a work setting hence you should not be tempted to skip anything. Make sure you get clarifications in areas that you cannot fully understand so that the information you gather is correct.

  • Identify the objectives of the exam

Exam objectives will guide you when you are studying for the test. You will be able to know the angle in which the exam is heavily leaning towards so that you can focus on the topics that will enable you to get a good score. They also give you an overview of the exam which means you can anticipate the type of questions that you may be asked and get more ready for them.

  • Use only relevant online resources

Not all the study resources on the Internet are relevant to the exam and you need to ensure that carefully pick what you choose to read. Some of the online content is not genuine. You can check the platforms that we have mentioned above and the Microsoft website for you to get study guides that you can trust.

  • Be careful when taking the exam

You should read all the questions carefully before responding since Microsoft are well known for adding a lot of information on their questions will throw you off in giving a wrong answer. Whenever you settle for a particular answer, you should ensure that you mark it correctly and check to ensure it is marked. Do not forget and click anywhere as it may undo your answer. If you are not careful, you may end up missing the passing score just because of a simple mistake.

  • Take notes

You may be given a paper and marker when taking the exam and you should take advantage of that to take notes in between questions in order to remind yourself of the facts that are registered in your head. Depending on your retention, you may not be able to remember some things due to the tense exam atmosphere and you need to take notes so that when you encounter particular questions, you have all the facts. You can do this during the period you are given a questionnaire because that period is not added to the official exam timeline. This will enable you to avoid losing time that you use to answer the questions.


This Microsoft 98-366 exam will set the pace for your career and you need to give it a serious preparation it deserves. There is nothing that you can accomplish well without training and preparing for it and the same goes for this exam. Do your best and expect the best and vice versa. Good luck!

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